Stories of spinning and easels and football and of laundry

I have 4 great stories for you today.

1.  Spinning in Circles
This is So cute!!  (but really, aren’t all Em stories really cute?).  Saturday morning we took the car in for a checkup and had to do it in 2 cars so we could do some stuff afterward.  D left before us.  Em and I were reading stories – first I read one to her, then she read one to me…  He came over to us to say goodbye and Em jumped up to give him a hug.  She said bye bye daddy and started spinning in cirlces.  So of course, he said bye bye Emmy and started turning in circles.  I am not sure if this is a new family tradition, but the possibility is dizzying!  HA!  (oh come on,, there is NO way you didn’t see that coming 🙂 )

ok, fine, moving on…

2.  Easels
Thanks to grandma and grandpa, Emily has an easel.  She loves the one at school, so we were excited to give her one for Hanukkah.  Yes, I broke it out early.  (for the record, she is getting 1 or 2 toys to play with this Hanukkah, the rest are going into a closet and will come out later on).

Finally! A magnetic surface in the house! And Em loves magnets!


But more fun that magnets – playing IN the easel! What a great hiding place for a little girl!


(did you notice the Gore Lieberman magnet on the board?  It is the round blue one…)

Let me translate in case you don’t speak toddler – one, two, three, four, five.  My baby can count to 5!

3. Football
It is pretty hard to find something exciting to follow playing with and in an easel, but we did it!  It was time to put the clothes in the dryer and Em does love doing laundry with me.  When you turn the dial, it plays music, and she likes that 🙂  Anyway, while I was loading up the dryer, D was teaching Em to play football!  Our basement is fabulous for toddler football.  It is huge, really pretty empty, and completely carpeted, and Em loves playing down there.  Within minutes, D had her running the length of the room with his old football.


But then I got involved and she learned the finer points of tackling and picked it up really fast too. Em loves to tackle, but more she loves to jump on top of the pile and laugh hysterically.

She isn’t the greatest at recovering fumbles but she tries


4. But that is not even the laundry story!

By the way, I did 2 loads today.  The second load was mostly Em’s clothes and I had left the basket in the upper hallway, outside her room.  Who knew she wanted to help?

OK, I understand that she is not quite 2, but this kid needs to learn higher math and logic!  Seriously, one article of clothes down the stairs at a time?  Emily, that is just NOT the most effective way to get the clothes down the stairs!  but how awesome is it that she goes back for that green bib to push it again, to make it go down a few steps?  In Em’s words, YAY – hee hee, love it!

What a great day!



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