Cloth diapering – a how to video

Emily has a baby doll that she adores and sleeps with every night.  This doll, appropriately named, “Baby”, has a few issues though.  First, Baby never keeps her hat on!  It is so cute to see Em call out Oh No Baby!  And run up to me with a baby and a hat to fix the situation.  It is cute, really, the first time, and maybe the second time, but Baby is so bad at keeping her hat on!  Em is a good little disciplinarian though and never tired of telling Baby to wear her hat (and bring her to me to ensure success).
Baby also poops.  A LOT.  It is exhausting!  But every few minutes (in between hat retrieval), Em brings Baby to me for a diaper change.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday Em decided to get in on the diaper changing action.  Like any other good little earth conscious toddler, Em decided to cloth diaper Baby.  She went with one size diapers, over fitted, and tried out both a pocket with snaps (purple smartipants) and an AIO in white (Aplix/velcro BumGenius 3.0).

I give you Em’s cloth diapering tutorial:

and here is her BumGenius tutorial

a few things to note:

  • Emily apparently would not do well using a changing table
  • At the end of the first video you see the liner is coming out, that does not happen when the diaper is stuffed and worn correctly
  • Although she never actually gets the diaper on Baby, please note that Baby’s hat stays on!  YAY
  • Also I would like to point out that Em selected each diaper herself.  She did at one point debate a disposable diaper but put it back almost immediately.  That’s my girl!

And because they are cute here are a couple of pictures.

Em during the random power failure yesterday morning


And this morning at school hunting down more diapering “victims”


Here Em is either contemplating stripping her diapers or making breakfast. The diapers are not repelling and are all working great so I am gong with breakfast.



3 thoughts on “Cloth diapering – a how to video

  1. so adorable!! I love how focused she is but mostly how emphatically she throws the diaper down each time like, ‘Come on diaper, what’s wrong with you!’

  2. love it!
    i absolutely love how careful she is with the diaper – and i love even more how she just tosses the baby around. it’s awesome.
    can you email me the 2nd picture from above? it’s kinda cute and i want to frame it. 🙂
    xoxo aunt lisa

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