I still miss you daddy

Hi Daddy!
I have been looking for you everywhere and I keep asking mommy where you are.  Mommy says you will be home in 2 more wake-ups, I can’t wait!

Since you have been away I have done a lot of things.

I talked to you on the phone and mommy even let me hold the phone.  That might be why I hung up on you.  Oops 🙂  (good thing I am cute, right?)



This morning I read Gossie a lot!  That is such a good book.  I sat in my chair and read to my Elmo dolls (they are tucked on either side of me, do you see them?).



Then I helped mommy do laundry, and I put on my orange bib so she wouldn’t have to fold it.  I like helping.  Then I played a lot with my blocks.



Do you like my tower?  I made it all by myself!
Oh and today we went to the grocery store and I sang the ABC song for mommy (my version).  I sang a lot of songs today, signing is a lot of fun.  I like to sing in the car too.   When you come home, I will sing a song for you.

See you in 2 more wake-ups Daddy!
I miss you so much!


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