A very fishy post

Dear Daddy,
I miss  you a lot.  I know you have to go to other places for your work, but I like it more when you are here playing with me.  When you get back home, we have to go see fishies!  They are so much fun!  Today, mommy and I went to see the fishies and it was so much fun!  Mommy took a lot of pictures for you to see, and even some videos too.

First we went to see the seals.  They are my favorite of all the fish!








This one is really dark because mommy had the aquarium setting on the camera, but I liked playing in the boat a lot.  I played with all the fish and turned the wheel and went in and out of the door a lot!


Then I saw more fish!


I saw a ginormous turtle and neat jelly fish but the seals were the best!

I miss you Daddy, have a good trip and then hurry home to play with me!


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