Jokes and leaves. But our leaves are no joke!

Seriously, I am the funniest person ever!  EVER.  Hands down, no contest.  I make the best jokes!
Want proof?

The other day at the grocery store, while Em is plowing her way through a tangerine:

Mommy: Is that yummy?
Em: MMMMMM apple
Mommy: You know, Emily, some people call those things “tangerines”.
Emily: laughs hysterically at how ridiculous it is that people would even call these things tangerines

and yesterday getting in the car after school:

Mommy: OK, Emily, let’s go buy some turkey!
Em: Oh yeah!
Mommy: What does a turkey say?
Em: meeeoooow
Mommy: Sometimes they say “gobble gobble gobble”
Emily: laughs hysterically, what a silly thing for a turkey to say

But even better is her new catch phrase – I did it!  That is the best!  This morning I opened the screen door and Em was trying to step down by herself.  But sadly, her left foot got all caught behind her.  But Em didn’t go down.  No way!  Not this little girl, she is too tough for that!  She worked it and worked it and finally I heard a little “I did it!!!”.  The only problem is that she tries to take credit for other people’s accomplishments.  Not fair!  The other day I finished something and told Em that I did it, and she tried to take credit and convince me that she did it!

I know I need to get moving on Halloween pictures (of the cutest bee EVER) so in the meantime enjoy some shots of Emily and fall leaves.  D and I have always loved fall and watching the leaves turn but this year was the best – seeing your own leaves turn on your own property was amazing.  When Em and I get home around 4:30/5:00 , the sun is setting behind our house and the wooded area in the back looks like it is on fire!  The colors are incredible!  So is the amount of leaves in our yard.  You truly have NO conception of how many leaves there are in a yard until you start to blow/rake them.  Luckily, Em pitched in:

At the end of the video, I panned around to show you the vastness of the leaves.

So we got a rake and a blower and went at them!

Em used a broom



but really, most of the fun of raking is trying to bury your child


and the video…


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