a fall photo shoot

Well, my streak of taking much better pictures outside continues.  And today I took some amazing pictures!

I give you Emily and Elmo in the fall:






And then, after a fabulous impromptu lunch (and fabulous lunch!) visit with my ([info]loomatic , am I getting this right?) first cousin once removed, (that doesn’t feel right, are you sure you aren’t my second cousin? Regardless, our moms are cousins, identical cousins, and you’ll find…  sorry, moving on…) we played some more!  This is Em climbing up the stairs on her swing set, coming up to meet me in the tower.


and look, proof that I do exist!  Em and I played in the tower of her swing set today.



And an update on health watch 2010.  Em seems to be starting to feel better (for those of you not “in the know”, she has been fighting a miserable cold/cough combo since Sunday and really a miserable little kiddo).  Seeing Amy was great today but it had the added benefit of giving Em 2 naps (2 long car rides), and I am sure that was helpful.  We saw the doctor yesterday to make sure it really is just a cold (just?) and it is.  Her lungs are clear and her ears are fine (is Em the only kiddo in America to never ever have an ear infection?), and she hit 20 pounds!  Not that I would do it, but she can now legally face forward in the car!


4 thoughts on “a fall photo shoot

  1. Awwww, great pix as usual! I especially love the one of you cuddling her.
    Robbie’s been front facing since April! We would have had him rear facing if we’d still had the Britax, but we sold it to my inlaws when they were here in April (while I was in Europe), and switched Max to a seatbelt booster. He’s 25lbs though, so he handles it well. 🙂

  2. That is one reason I wanted the Britax – to extend rear facing. But everyone says it is MUCH easier with them forward facing. Guess I just like to make things harder 🙂
    My plan is to follow APA and keep her rear facing until at least 2.

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