before and after and a black eye

When we moved into our house, once of my top priorities was to paint Em’s room pink.  Other than that, I am fine with the colors in the house.  Most of the house is a pretty sunny, mustardy golden yellow and it is fine.  But her room was a deep slate blue.  That same blue was in the master bath (which is now a gorgeous pale glass green) and the kitchen (which is still blue).  Em’s bathroom was the only room in the house that was a unique color (as in not blue and not yellow).  A cool, bright, fun turquoise.


(not a great shot of the turquoise, but you get it…)

As of a few hours age, Emily’s bathroom is now a pretty purple!

(this shot shows how small her bathroom is, but more, it is a great shot of the color)


My mom and I both got sick of our shower curtains at the same time and just traded. My old one is now happily in her yellow guest bath and hers is here.


who doesn’t love a frog to hold bath toys?

IMG_5891  IMG_5890

I love the way it came out!  I will eventually do a  little detailing work, maybe some stenciling, with a deep navy blue or deep deep purple, but for now I really like it.  I am debating putting the word “bubbles” over the tub or something…  any ideas?

In the meantime, I got crafty after I finished painting (because painting wasn’t crafty enough??) and made this!

It is a bow holder and has led D to spend many hours making fun of me. Note to self, never tell him about planned craft projects!  Normally these are done with 8×10 frames, but Em only has these (plus the one she wore today), so until she outgrows this one, a 5×7 frame works just fine.  This was super easy to make!  I removed the glass and stored it (any bets on how long it takes for me to break the glass now that it isn’t protected by a frame?), cut a piece of cardboard to fit, wrapped it in a pretty fabric, attached 3 ribbons (leftover from wedding/shower/baby gifts), and voila!  The only part I am not wild about is that you can see the frame stand.  But whatever…  It is cute and looks great on those purple walls!

I am debating swapping the white ribbon for another dark pink one, but for now it is cute and I am happy.

And because you bothered to read all about Emily’s bathroom, here is a picture of her playing this morning at school.



You can only see it in this picture if you know where to look, but above her left eye, do you see anything?  Yep, Em is sporting her first black eye.  The other day when I went to pick her up from school, she was out on the big kid playground, having a blast!  It has a cool climbing tower and a swirly side that she loves.  I stayed playing with her and her friends for about 30 minutes and she was all about that slide.  And she was being watched by me and 2 of her 3 teachers.  She started off at the top of the slide, on her bottom, and I guess she cornered weird because suddenly she was going down head first.  and now she has a black eye to prove it.  But who cares when you have your best friends all around you (not pictured), leaves in the sensory table, and trays of sand to play with?


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