some pictures just because I feel like it

If Emily had an office and a desk, this is the picture she would have sitting on her desk.


(Emily’s babysitter put all the Elmo’s there after Em went to bed, thanks J. I love it!)

But Elmo does more than just sit around in the chair all day!  Elmo also naps, of course.  Em carefully placed each Elmo where she wanted them and then I helped her cover them with the blanket (mei mei).  She lovingly patted their backs and put them to sleep for the day.


and after a hard day sleeping, Elmo sits with Em in her chair for story time.


(now seriously, tell me she is not up to something!)

And oh wow, she was certainty up to something.

I give you the toilet paper bandit of 2010.

I swear my back was turned for maybe 30 seconds and then I saw this


and this


and this


and finally this


Life is never boring with a toddler around!

Emily also has a fabulous new toy!  a popper vacuum thingy from her friend S and Em LOVES it.  Half the fun is racing around that dining room wall with both toys.


Until genius mommy suggested she combine them, which she also loves, and is kinder to my baseboards  🙂


so much fun!!!


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