Trick or Treat

We got Em’s Halloween costume today.  I am just not a fan of costume prices and so badly want to make her costumes!  My mom always made mine and I clearly remember the daisy (everyone thought I was the sun, sigh), and the best ever – the Jack in the Box costume she made me!  I want to give Em memories like those, but I don’t have the time.  And while I am super crafty, I am not sure I have my mom’s costume making talent.  Last year my mom and I found the BEST costume for Em.  All of the infant costumes we tried out were huge!  She was not even crawling then, but still, they felt huge and heavy.  Finally we found her a kitty cat costume – $7 (sweet!) and basically it was just footed pj’s with a tail and a hood – perfect!  I loved it!  That was the day we learned that black is this little girl’s color!

group shot 9

group shot 15

(I have no idea why she looks so sad/serious here – she had a BLAST at her party…But regardless, the black totally brings out her eyes!)

This year I started thinking of costumes when Em started playing with a bumble bee pillow one day when we were out.  Great, she can be a bumble bee this year.  So this morning D and I took Em out to get her costume.  We got her a bee costume from Party City ($20) and it was ok,  She liked it a lot, but I was not wild about it.  I just didn’t love it, you know?  Then we went into Old Navy and found it – the perfect bee costume.  Absolutely perfect!  $22.50 but oh well.  Yes, that seems silly to spend that much for something she will wear for a few hours at school and then a few hours at home, but whatever.  BUT all the other bee costumes there came with pants.  The one in her size did not.  A few helpful store clerks tried to find the pants but no luck.  and of course they only have one in her size.  So the manager agreed to give it to us for a discount.  And she offered us a 50% off discount because half the costume was missing!  So we took it to the register and they rang it up.

original price – $22.50
half off discount
I expected to pay $11.25

The guy rang it up and put in the 50% discount and it came to $5!

Apparently costumes are half off already!

But the best part is that the top half looks great with jeans.  So I will take a pair of her plain jeans and sew some bumble bee appliques on the bottom.  Just 2 weeks until Em’s annual Halloween party, I can’t wait!


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