The wheels on the bus go round and round

SO much has happened since the last post.  Literally, I could have done 4 or 5 posts between then and now and I wrote a few but they never got posted/finished/etc…  But this evening something happened that made me turn to D and say “I HAVE to write a blog entry about this one”.

Emily has a true love.

No, not T from school, although they adore each other. A few days ago Em and T had an after school play date that included dinner and a bath.

(did you really expect to see a picture here?  Good grief, let’s give the kids SOME privacy!)

The word love is not strong enough to describe how she feels though.  Emily LOVES Elmo.  LOVES LOVES LOVES Elmo.  And I want to support her and encourage this love.  So we have several Elmo toys, books, blocks, etc… (no clothes, she is NOT wearing Elmo clothes, I have to draw the line somewhere!).  We also have Elmo music from way back when downloading mp3’s from the internet was free.  Loaded into the hard drive of our car radio is a cd full of kids songs, and we all have our favorite songs from that cd.  But lately the Elmo obsession has taken over the car and as soon as Em hears music in the car she starts asking/begging/pleading for Elmo.  Hard drive track 10.  Elmo’s Song.  “This is the song, la la la la, Elmo’s Song”,  AKA Shoot me already.

She asks for the song so often that it is now on automatic repeat any time we call up the hard drive.  Over and over and over again.  Elmo’s Song.  Seriously, shoot me.  Oh Em, I really want to support this obsession, but that song gets into your head and NEVER leaves and I cannot take it anymore.  This song is interfering with my sanity.  Want proof?

This evening, the three of us were driving home from a bbq, and I tuned the radio to music and within seconds, a little voice from the back starts calling out for Elmo.  Can I just say that my husband is the greatest man alive.  Instead of giving in, as I was likely to do, he started a new song.  The Wheels on the Bus.  And Em loved it!  After every verse she asked for more.  We sang that song the entire way home.  The entire way home.

We started with the standard verses.  The baby goes wah wah wah, the wipes go swish swish swish, the drive, the mama,etc…  all the standards.  But we were not home yet and she wanted more and I did NOT want to resort to Elmo.  So we got creative.  I give you now the alternative verses for The Wheels on the Bus, in random order, because that is how we came up with them.

We did cows, pigs, monkeys, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, roosters (doodle doodle do),
Then things got interesting

The pilot on the bus goes “I have a plane”.
The flamingo on the bus goes “I am pink”.
The penguins on the bus go “waddle waddle waddle”.
The policeman on the bus goes “We have a code violation”
Noah on the bus goes “Here they are”.
The people at the bus stop go “We’ll wait for the next one”.

We did the taxidermist on the bus, the furrier, the cleaning crew and the driver again, who goes “What the heck is going on here?”.  The contractor who recommends a double decker bus.  The Santa on the bus, the bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the electrician, and more, much much more but you get the point.  And I can’t give them all away!

Insert sudden topic change here.
I have over 300 pictures to catch you up on!

Just over a year ago we took Em to the Stamford Nature Center for the first time. In an effort to get our annual pumpkin patch pictures,w e went back.  Em still loved it but sadly the pumpkins were not out yet.  Last year she met all the animals in our arms.  This year she met them standing on her own 2 feet.

IMG_5470   IMG_5476

IMG_5479   IMG_5481   IMG_5482

Since the last post we have played a lot

IMG_5498    IMG_5499



We read a lot of books


and we got ready for football season. (the exposure in the shot of Em and I sucks but we are both wearing our football sweatshirts)  In the picture of Emily, note that she is holding up one finger as if to say the Jets are #1.  no comment 🙂

IMG_5575   IMG_5589

Then we played some more


And of course we ate! I love this shot of Em just after dinner.


Which brings us to today and pumpkin picking (with Elmo, of course)

IMG_5712   IMG_5715

IMG_5720   IMG_5741

IMG_5778   IMG_5787

So there are a few noteworthy things in these pictures.  First, did you notice Em is wearing a hair bow in some of them?  Yes, finally, D has agreed that she is allowed to wear hair bows!  And the timing could not be better!  in the past few weeks I have won a bunch of blog giveaways – a set of 6 different hair bows (including the one she is wearing in these pictures), the cloth wipes, a few cloth diapers, and a toilet flushing system that allows 2 different flushes (light for liquid and harder for solids, designed to save water).  But I digress…
The other noteworthy thing here is that in the last 2 pictures, Em is sporting her new bang cut!  She did GREAT!  not a wimper!  She did not want to wear the fish smock, but stood on the chair, held her daddy’s hand and smiled for all the pictures I took.  (I took her to the place where I get my hair cut, I am not messing around with her hair and having someone I don’t know cut it just so she can sit in an airplane!  We’ll sacrifice the airplane chair for a guaranteed good cut!)

And you are now officially caught up on Em’s life.  and what a life it is!


2 thoughts on “The wheels on the bus go round and round

  1. I love all the impromptu “bus” verses!! We sing that song a lot too, and have made up a few extra ones, but never all of those! Cool!
    Max and Robbie love “Elmo’s Song” too–we have the Sesame Street “Platinum” album which has a lot of the classics on it. And, of course, I show the video on YouTube. Our favorite, though, is Andrea Bocelli singing “Time to say goodnight” to Elmo. Max used to LOVE it, and now Robbie’s just the right age to appreciate it. There’s one part where Bocelli sings “give me a kiss” and Elmo leans forward to kiss him goodnight. Yesterday when we watched it, right after that part, Robbie leaned over and kissed me too. *MELT!!!* 🙂
    Aren’t kids wonderful? (Your own, at least!)

  2. awww! How sweet! Cassie is a big Elmo fan too! and we have to sing that song all the time. Also, one time daddy made the mistake of pulling up the video for it on youtube on his phone….ummm, yeah. NEVER AGAIN. She’s askign all the time!
    You’re doing great with the new Wheels on the Bus version!
    If you want some cool Cd’s that don’t make parents want to pull their brain out of their head and throw it out the window…check out Laurie Berkner and Justin Roberts! THey are two of our favorites and even Glenn can hear them without too much complaint, after all he is 9 and we know how cool he is….
    I need to update, you won’t believe how fun these kids are!

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