another day, another post!

I am going post crazy lately!
Let’s open with a question emailed to me last week:  How do I see old posts?
For those of you who are readers but not LJ members, you can track older entries in 2 ways (and in the post explosion, it is possible you missed something 🙂 ). First, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “previous 10” to see older posts. Or, see that calendar to the left? You can click on the date there to see older entries. And to go way back? Click “View all archives”, choose a year and a month and enjoy!  (Note that this works for LJ members too, but you all already knew all of this 🙂 )

And now back to your regularly scheduled post.
Today’s post is in honor of a fabulous group of short people and a gazillion bubbles!

Allow me to introduce Em’s best friends – K, and W.  But I don’t want to leave out T, who was busy at the water table and sadly just out of camera range.  She talks about these friends all the time! And you can see why – they have a blast together!  Thanks kiddos and parents for a great play date!  We can’t wait to see you again soon!


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