19 months old today!

First, a nursing update.  We are now only nursing at bedtime, and to help get over the occasional nightmare (Em’s, not ours.  I don’t want anyone thinking D had a nightmare so we woke Em up to nurse!).  At this age kids are apparently prone to nightmares and Em had a whopper the other night poor thing.  This one must have been a bad one too; it breaks my heart to hear her that upset.  Hopefully she won’t have too many of those.

But on happier news Em apparently knows how to go down the steps from the front walk to the drive way.  I have absolutely no clue how she did it.  I just know I put her on the front walk, turned to grab something off the breezeway, and she was halfway down the driveway!  She could not have gone head first because I have a feeling I would have heard that one.

Em has been on this planet for 19 months – in a row!  So to celebrate, here are some pictures.

This week Em played a lot with blocks.  She can now stack them 2 high which is fun to watch.  She tries a third but then knocks them over and laughs before she can get the third in place.


We played a lot!


and looked too cute for words!


Em is also very devoted to taking good care of Elmo.  Not only does she keep him well hydrated, but she takes him to play on the swings!


Elmo loves the swings and Em liked swinging next to him


But like any good caregiver, Em does not let Elmo play where he might get hurt, and he is not big enough to play on the slide yet.  But Em is, so I got the babysit Elmo.


While Em made me stop breathing by climbing up the stairs to the top of the slide.  This kid has no fear!


Em loves the slide!


Even though he is not allowed to slide, Elmo gets to go for walks in the stroller though.  As you can see, he is exhausted from so much water and playing!


Em is has been an amazing 19 months, I can’t wait to see what is next!

(and just for fun, one year ago today!)


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