This is a good thing, I know, but still….

Dear Emily,

My sweet baby girl  You have been alive for 1 year, 6 months and 29 days.  That is 575 days, about 82 weeks, 13,800 hours, 828,000 minutes, and about 49,680,000 seconds.  (Yes, mommy is a nerd but yes, I used Google for that 🙂 ).  In those 575 days we have been through it all – the not so enjoyable (colic and reflux), the not at all enjoyable (pooping in the tub, thank you for giving that up!), the good (playing, reading, etc…), the fabulous (little girl hugs are still my favorite!) and the nursing.  Until this morning.  Sigh…  You have nursed for 574 days.  Today is day 575 and we skipped the morning nursing!  Now, you should know a few things.

  1. this was NOT your idea, and you did ask to nurse several times, but oddly, not at all once daddy left for work…
  2. Daddy and I did have this all planned out in advance

Now, I have been saying that i was ready to start weaning you for a little bit now and Daddy and I came up with a little game plan, but still, it made me a little sad.  Did it make you sad at all?  You kind of acted like you didn’t even notice!  And once we got downstairs and started eating breakfast (ok, seriously, let’s stop throwing food on the floor when we are all done!), you never asked for it again.  But still….  It is no secret that I LOVE nursing you.  and you love it too, so really, it has been a win win.  The health benefits fr both of us are amazing, and it is the best start I could have given you.  But still…  If we stop nursing then you truly are a big girl and that is a little sad, but in a good way, you know?

But let’s be realistic here.  I am getting all maudlin on you and you have only skipped ONE nursing.  Let’s see what this afternoon and evening hold because i promise you we will still nurse at bedtime.  This is not a cold turkey experiment, don’t worry!

OK, sappy stuff over.

Em, last night you were too cute for words!  One of your favorite toys is your garden from uncle Mat and aunt Stephanie.  You play with it almost every night but last night for the first time, you put all the little bugs to night-night.  You put each one in its flower, said night-night and pet its back and then moved onto the next one.  Little girl, you are too cute!!


three little bugs sleeping soundly

This morning, in your pirate puppy pajamas (that I just adore!), you woke up one bug, and then put it back to night-night. I guess bugs need a lot of sleep during the day!

So since I had the camera upstairs, we did a rocker shot! Remember these? You were not into posing, but hugged the monkey a few times, and then combed his hair.


Emily, not only do you care about the sleep of your little bugs, and the hair on the monkey, you care about Elmo’s hydration and you offered him some water when we went downstairs!


You are so sweet and so kind! It makes me want to pick you up and nurse you (must resist!). It probably makes you want to borrow the car keys though…

(side note, check out her awesome cardigan!  I found that in the dollar bin at a local consignment store – the ONE DOLLAR bin!  (well, the boy $1 bin, but who cares?)  It is hand knit, survived the washer and dryer, is unbelievably soft, and is gorgeous!)


3 thoughts on “This is a good thing, I know, but still….

  1. LOL, it’s so funny to me that I *did* notice the sweater, thought it was hand-knit and it made me jealous. 😀 But now I’m jealous of your thrift, and not necessarily your knitting skill. 😉
    OTOH, I also know how it feels about the letting go of nursing thing. It was never all that nutritiously productive for my little girl, but we hung onto it for 4 months before she pretty much gave up on me. I know that she got really good stuff from me even if I couldn’t be the sole provision of nutrients… and clearly we made a great bond from it because she seems pretty happy so far. 😀 I’m glad that you guys got to keep going for so long! And I hope that the transition goes easily for *both* of you.

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