This is more than just puppy love

We spent this past weekend with my parents and Emily fell in love with their dog.  I wish I could say it was mutual.  I wish I could say that Em grew on Capital, but yeah, not so much.  It was interesting to see the power dynamics between them shift back and first.  First he had the upper hand.  One bark and Em was scampering up my leg.  And that was pretty final.  But then Emily started playing with her ball and bopped him on the nose.  And with that one move, Em was in charge.  The good news for dog owners everywhere is that Em is really gentle with the animals who allow her to touch them.  She says “nice” and gently pets their heads.  After the ball bopping, Cap was ok with being petted but to be honest, he did not look thrilled.  But then they became best friends with one move.  Em threw food on the ground during dinner and they both delighted in that game!

Em was a trooper through the entire trip.

The drive down was actually surprisingly easy.  We left at 6am, after dropping D at the train station and only stopped once.   , I need to confess that I wanted to stop on campus and surprise you and I actually had an entire game plan in mind.  We were going to park, find a random office, borrow a directory, call you and visit for a bit.  But Em slept right through the entire Delaware/Maryland border.  It was probably for the best – 9:30am does not always make for easy visitor parking, and I doubt she could have run around on the mall or the beach with all the students there and I am sure you were actually working, but we thought of you and of little S.

She was also great for Yom Kippur services and lasted about 20 minutes with me in the back.  She liked the singing a lot and sadly we left before they invited all the kids to march behind the Torah as it made it rounds through the synagogue.  Oh well, next year.  Instead of marching, we were playing.


IMG_4937  IMG_4970  IMG_4984


All in all, it was a great trip (and similarly great trip back home) and Em had a blast! There was a ton of laughing and giggling and dancing, but her favorite will always be the puppy!  The sad part is that we never managed to get a picture of them together.

On Friday mom took Em and I to a children’s consignment store and they had cloth diapers! YAY! They were terribly overpriced but I did get her one (of course). I went with a BumGenius AIO in medium for what I thought was a decent price, especially since this diaper is in fabulous condition. I have never tried BG (although everyone who uses them raves about them) and it is my first velcro (aplix) cloth diaper but so far I love it! I went with white because I thought it was time Em had a white diaper. I have heard that AIOs take forever to dry, but per manufacturers directions I threw it in the dryer (after a thorough sanitizing wash, don’t worry!), and it dried so fast! So far I like this one a lot and that surprises me, I never expected to like the velcro!  (The picture is a green diaper because the white diaper on the white background did not work for me).

Meanwhile, please note in the pictures above that I finally got a really good “swinging shot”.  I have been working on those lately and have not been thrilled with the results lately, but I am working on it…  All the good ones I got in the past I consider luck.  I am still learning a lot of the features of the camera.  The good news is that Em still loves swings, so I have plenty of time to practice.


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