Hi Daddy!

Hi Daddy,

I had fun playing with you this morning but you had to leave for work too early!  Daddy, I think we need more play time.  When you get back from your work trip i think we need to play some more?

In case you miss me too, here is what I did this morning.

First, mommy and I brushed our teeth together and then we combed our hair.  Daddy, I combed mommy’s hair too and it looks wonderful!
Then I put my Elmo block night night on the blanket
Then we ate our breakfast and then we played!  I like the playing part a lot!

I made a second breakfast for me and mommy in my kitchen (I am a very good cook!)

I like to multitask, so I did calisthenics while sending you an email

Then I showed mommy my favorite downstairs place to nurse and cuddle in a big blanket, but I was just showing her, because then I saw my shopping cart!

so I put my pot in my shopping cart.  It should be safe there.

Daddy, it was a lot of fun! Then mommy took me to school and there was rice in the sensory table – that is so much fun to play with! I was happy when mommy left but I can’t wait to go home and play some more.
Have a good trip daddy, I miss you!


3 thoughts on “Hi Daddy!

  1. well, this weekend we actually WILL be down visiting my parents but it is Yom Kippur, so sadly I doubt we can squeeze in the game. That is a shame, I know how much you love watching the Yankees with Yankee fans 😉

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