18 Months

Em had her 18 month doctor apt this week – all good.
Head 45 cm
Length 30 inches
Weight 19.04 lbs

She had a very cool eye test and her eyes came out normal!  She is not near sighted, not far sided and does not have an astigmatism!!  Yet.  Because I have all three (yep, near signed in one eye, far sighted in the other).  Ug.  But it is such a relief that her gorgeous eyes are perfect, at least for now.

And the best news (not that I really had any doubt), but Emily does not have autism.  I know they say you can’t diagnose it until after age 2, but her doctor is so sure that she signed signed the autism page she gave us after saying that Em absolutely did not have it.  Whew!  I was really not concerned, but it is still nice to know, you know?

so at 18 months here is where we stand


anything outside, especially swings and bubbles
bathtub crayons
belly buttons and our mommy-daughter nose game
(Emily’s likes are brought to you today by the letter B)


getting off the swings
the nail clipper/file

And some pictures of the past week or so

Em and her (formerly) favorite ball, may it RIP (don’t ask)


Playing in our side yard


I can’t say exactly why but this picture cracks me up!


More playing outside (these were all taken before the most recent heat wave, obviously)


Fun with bubbles!


And then the heat wave moved us inside



2 thoughts on “18 Months

  1. Yay Emily! She’s so lovely! Such a petite girl! Is she still riding backwards in your car? HAHA!
    You’re doing a great job Beth! What an awesome mom you are! There’s no better gift than a happy healthy child!

  2. Thanks sweetie! I am all fired up about the facing backwards car seat because SO many people are telling me to turn her around. It is crazy – not only does she still fit backwards, it is actually still illegal for her to forward face because she is under 20 lbs. Legally she has to rear face one year but they recommend 2 years. Em will rear face until she doesn’t fit rear facing anymore. She is not even kicking the seat but even if she was, I would rather her break a leg rear facing (so unlikely) than her head forward facing! I assume Cassie is forward facing now, is Richie?
    How are you doing? I think of you a lot, please do another locked post soon so I know you are ok!

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