Happy 18 Month Birthday sweet girl!

18 Months

So I ripped this out of a magazine when Em was like 5 months old and saved it for today.  I am so proud that my little girl will now start surpassing chimps 🙂  And tonight’s new ability was winner.  During dinner, Em learned how to load her spoon up with yogurt and flick it and wave it so the yogurt flies everywhere.  Yep, she is pretty much grounded for a month now.  ug.

Lately, I have been following a blog written by a fabulous photographer with triplets and I have been learning a lot from her.  I used to be a photography nerd – I had (still have) the SLR with all the lenses, and adjustable flash, etc, the works, but digital cameras are just so easy that I never pull out my SLR, and besides, buying film?  Yeah, digital is much easier.  When we got our new camera I did not want to bother with a digital SLR, so we got a pseudo SLR high zoom that has most of the capabilities of an SLR, plus the ability to just point and shoot.  When I just point and shoot I tend to have focus issues though.  So I have been using this photography blog as a guide and I think I have some cool shots.

I find outside photography much easier than inside, I still cannot get good effects inside… So here are some cool outside shots.

This one is slightly blurry, but cool!


We met up with some friends at the beach one weekend. Em spent pretty much all of last summer at the beach, but not in the water. She was not a fan of going into the water (we tried walking) but she liked the waves coming up around her.

IMG_4037    IMG_4043    IMG_4045

As much fun as the beach is, nothing can ever top the swings!

And more shots of her playing outside of the house
IMG_4160 IMG_4182


IMG_4220 IMG_4299

and this is not a good shot at all, but Em has a (gulp) boyfriend. I have pictures of them sitting together, dancing together (this is a ring around the rosy shot) and walking holding hands. Yes, D almost passed out when he say them!


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