ok, let’s talk poop

Dear Emily,
I created this blog for a number of reasons.  First, I wanted your family members who live far away to be able to see pictures and read about your life.  Growing up I have only a few memories of my grandparents and I am sure I only saw them a few times a year.  So while I can’t make sure you see your more distant relatives more often, I can make sure they see you more often.  At least virtually.  Second, I wanted a record of your life and accomplishments.  So many people told me that I would never remember a lot about your infancy, well now I can look back and remember.  And since your baby book is sparse, this helps 🙂  And third, I wanted YOU to have a record of your childhood.  I envision you reading these entries 18, 19, 20, 50 years from now, learning about your childhood and the people who surround you and I like that.  periodically I download your entire blog to a PDF file, just in case and while it does not capture the videos (so sad, the video in the last entry is the BEST), it gets everything else, which is cool.

So, with that in mind, Emily, let’s talk about tonight.

When I picked you up from school you were in a great mood!  You were on the bigger kid side playing and I crawled over to surprise you.  I love doing that.  Generally, you have 1 of 2 reactions – either you race over to me for a hug, or you laugh and race crawl away for me to chase you.  Today you did both.  We played a bit, talked to your teachers, nursed and went home.  When we got home you were actually a bit fussy and it got me wondering if you were not feeling well.  I know you are working on 2 molars (grrr  see previous entry on molars), and I just have a feeling that you are a bit under the weather.  Maternal instinct?  I don’t know, just a feeling.  Well, after a light dinner of yogurt and watermelon (you would not eat much, hmmm, upset tummy?  just the heat? just not hungry?), we went to take a bath.


You pooped in the tub.
I took you out and sat you on the bath mat.
You PROMISED you were done pooping!
I took the toys out (thankfully they were all on the tub walls, and out of the line of fire).
I cleaned the tub out.
I put you back in.
You finished pooping.
BIG time.
I took you out of the tub.
I sat you mat.
you cried.
I cleaned the tub out.
While you cried.
We agreed to skip a bath.
We made sure you were all clean.
I put a diaper on you.
I put pajamas on you.
You cried some more and did the sign for nursing.
We nursed.
You seemed really sleepy.
You went into your crib at 6:15 without a peep and fell fast asleep.
I put a sanitizing load in the washer (bath mat, your towel, wash cloth, etc…).
Now I have to scrub the tub.
But I want to use a heavy duty (non green) cleaner and will wait for tomorrow when you are at school instead of down the hall breathing in fumes)

What IS the record for underwater pooping anyway?

Let’s not do this again, k?  This was not a fun night for mommy.

And what are you doing right now, while I type this?  You are sleeping very soundly!  See?


Above your head to the right is Humphrey, the “drag-asaur” I won when your Daddy and I went to Disney for his birthday one year.  We are not sure if it is a Dinosaur or a Dragon, but you like him, so it works.  He lives in your crib.  If you look close, right above your waist, snug between you and the crib slats is Dooo, your favorite friend/dinosaur.  Under you and to the left are your 2 blankets.  You are very snug in there.  And in case you are wondering, when we go to check on you later, you will have moved all over, and I will move all the animals out of your way, so you don’t suffocate them 🙂

Sleep well my gorgeous, wonderful pooper.


2 thoughts on “ok, let’s talk poop

  1. HA! I’ve been there girl! Both Glenn AND Lucy have done that too me. The youngest two are plotting my destruction for sometime soon I’m sure!
    I’m glad Em’s tummy feels better and she’s getting some sleep!

  2. At least I am in good company. I really hope it was just a tummy bug and that it does not become a habit! This morning her poop was back to her normal time, so my fingers are crossed! Good luck with the 2 young destruction machines 🙂

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