Pampers vs Cloth Diapers

So a  few months ago reports started surfacing that Pampers diapers were causing SEVERE diaper BURNS (not rash, BURNS) in babies.  Call me crazy but the last place I want Em to have a sever burn is um, inside her diaper.

Since my pregnancy I have been a part of a very active online mom community, run by a clueless moderating group.  In their infinite wisdom they have created a board for diapering.  Sponsored by Pampers!  You can just imagine the fury that this has incited!  I like to spend time on a board dedicated to eco stuff and green living, where, obviously, cloth diapering reins supreme.  These ladies have SO much cloth diapering knowledge and were instrumental in giving me that final push to start with cloth.

So on the (ill advised) diapering board, Pampers released an "expert" (expert??) article, and I would like to share a part of that article with you now.

TB: A lot of moms have been up in arms in recent months over the Dry Max controversy. Is there any hard evidence to back up the claims that Pampers’ Dry Max diapers are really causing chemical burns?

KT: No; no hard evidence actually exists to back up the claim. Given that there are millions of parents of children wearing diapers in the US, I don’t think that the evidence suggests that lots of these folks are concerned by the Dry Max issue, although I completely sympathize with the many parents who are "up in arms" dealing with children suffering from a diaper rash at any point in time. With respect to the controversy, I would say that some concerned parents who connected on Facebook made unsubstantiated claims that the Dry Max diapers caused "chemical burns." This was based on their personal experiences, without involving pediatricians, and they unnecessarily incited fear and worry by other parents.

I had the opportunity to review Pampers’ data, which provides strong scientific evidence that children are having the same numbers, types, and severity of diaper rash in the new product as they had with the high-end product that it replaced. (And by the way, children have a better experience — meaning fewer and less severe rashes — in the high-end, more absorbent products than with lower-end products or cloth diapers.)

Um, what???
Forget the burn issue for a minute.  (Although I seriously doubt parents whose kiddo were severely burned did not contact a pediatrician, because I know a few who DID!)

(And by the way, children have a better experience — meaning fewer and less severe rashes — in the high-end, more absorbent products than with lower-end products or cloth diapers.)

OK, deep breath,
First of all, children who are in cloth diapers generally have LESS diaper rash and it is usually very mild (and the result of being in the diaper too long – one of the harder part of the switch from disposable to cloth is remembering that in cloth you have to change more often).  So with this EXPERT article, Pampers is basically saying that the chemical burns are an anomaly and that kids are better off in their product than the cloth diapers.

Wow.  Just Wow.

I could repeat everything I said in the last post about the benefits of cloth.  We could talk about how cloth is better for the environment, the planet, and oh yes, the baby.  But I won’t.  I will let you just go read the last post.  And int he meantime, don’t worry, any time we are out I make sure the diaper bag is filled with either our beloved cloth diapers or as a backup, with huggies (or luvs).

(to read the entire article, click here)


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