A walker with a pink room

Well, since our last post Em has become a full fledged walker!  Thanks again to mom and dad for the Elmo – AKA the impetuous to walk!  Em LOVES being a walker!  After that first walk, she took a few days off to recuperate and then took off walking!  She still looks slightly drunk while she walks (which  love) and still falls down a lot, but she is a champ at getting back up and going on her way.

I love this video, it is So Em.  It has her playing with her amazing kitchen (thanks again Hayden!), walking, and talking.

To celebrate Em learning to walk, we painted her room pink.  Well, let’s be honest here, my little girl needed a pink room, and I was tired of her having a blue room (after only a month).  We had some mild drama surrounding the 2 days of painting and I hate primer, but the end result was SO worth it!

IMG_3909    IMG_3910    IMG_3912    IMG_3916

Can I just point out that in the last shot, that picture of the cat over the changing table was done by my grandfather.  I am not exactly sure of the year which translates into I am not sure if it was even in my nursery but I do remember it being in my brother’s nursery.  And the little Holly Hobbie plaque over the light switch hung in my room my whole life.  I love that those two are now in Em’s room and someday could hang in her little girl’s nursery.

So, now that our little girl is an official walker, we decided to get her fit for real walking shoes.  We browsed around Stride Rite until it was our turn and D and I each had a favorite tiny sneaker, but to be fair, we decided to let Em choose, after all, she is the one who has to wear them every day.  Em’s right foot measured a 4 and her left a 4.5.  Um, walking shoes start at size 5.  And the ones we liked start at size 6!  And not only is Em a 4.5 but she is a 4.5 narrow.  Guess who doesn’t make walking shoes for tiny little 4.5 narrow feet?  They did have a pair of first walking shoes for tiny feet.  Remember those orthopedic old-lady looking white high tops we all wore as kids?  But they only come in medium and those were HUGELY wide on her.  You know, I was actually happy that Em waited so long to walk for a ton of reasons, but one of them was that I knew for sure that she would fit into walking shoes.  D’Oh!

So today D and I visited several shoes stores on the hunt for 4.5 narrow walking shoes and everyone told us the same thing – nope, we don’t make shoes that small in narrow.  Until the little show in Westport that said YES they could fit her!  So we picked Em up from school and took her in and yes!  True to their word they had 3 pairs that fit her.  YAY!  So our little girl now has her very first pair of walking shoes.  And whew, they are adorable!

When we got home today Em did what every little girl does when she gets new shoes – put on a warm jacket, grab a giraffe, and play.

By the way, yes we are in the middle of a heat wave in Connecticut, so the warm coat is a bit of a head scratcher, but she loves it.

One final note – I have gotten some email questions about cloth diapers and am planning a cloth diaper entry, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile, this entry from about a year ago has Em’s first public cloth diaper picture – the “Woe is me” pose 🙂


2 thoughts on “A walker with a pink room

  1. Awwwww, congratulations, Emmy!! So cute! Robbie’s been walking for quite some time now and it’s so adorable to see him “toddle” along (it’s funny just how perfectly the term toddler fits when you watch one…). Just makes you melt, doesn’t it? Particularly when they toddle right into your arms to give you a big hug. 🙂
    Oh and her room is GORGEOUS!! Wish we had a proper bedroom for Robbie–it’s a combo nursery/guest room/storage room!

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