Emily’s Life in Pictures

I don’t have any fabulous Emily stories to share this time but I have some fabulous pictures to share of my beautiful baby girl who knows how to go to sleep all by herself!  YAYAYAYAY!!  She did it!  Well, she has been doing it for a week now, but I was too scared (shocked?) to dare jinx it 🙂

This first picture is because she is so gorgeous! Love the navy shirt with those blue eyes especially against the white brick of the fireplace


Yesterday morning Em slept in but woke up SO happy despite the look on her face here. This picture makes me laugh so hard!


But never fear, even when she looks mad/confused/whatever, I can invent the most amazing game. So I give you Em playing the “Yawn and Ah” game. (I invent the games, I don’t bother to name them)


It has been unbearably hot and humid and gross out here in Connecticut, but yesterday we had heat with no humidity, so we played outside. Em loved pushing her toy up and down the driveway and up and down the front walk ways and especially up and down the 3 little sets of steps.


Her only disappointment was that she just could not push the toy up the steps. What do you do when you can’t do something? Why you say Please of course! This is her signing and saying please.


And strolling by the Black Eyed Susans


(is it me or are these pictures getting better and better! LOVE these last 2 so much!!)

Then we pushed the toy over the front lawn, which was not easy and required me to pull it, but Em thought it was so funny!


(sigh, those brown spots in our gorgeous lawn! I am so hating this heat, but it doesn’t seem worth it to water the lawn…)

And heading back into the house


Completely unrelated to yesterday’s fabulous play time and photo shoot, I finally found the perfect place to hang Em’s artwork. I picked my 6 favorite (because I have 6 frames) and hung them in the hallway and love the way it looks!)



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