The Next Food Network Star

D and I love this show – we record it every week to make sure we never miss an episode and have fun predicting the outcome each week.  It is a bit less fun now that I know the winner (yes, I know things, or rather I know people who really know things  🙂 ) because I have to force myself not to say anything but still a great show!
Last night we watched this past week’s episode and I noticed that they are now accepting applications for the next season.

Dear Food Network,
I should be picked as the next Food Network Star because even at 16 months I am fabulous in the kitchen!  I like to cook in my pajamas and diaper and never spill a thing!  I like to work with pots that can go on the stove (I make a wonderful parsley bottle soup) and in the oven and in the fridge, (hmmm, possible product line here?).  Just like a pearl, I know to bite the pot to make sure it is the one I want.

IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3683

These video’s are not quite the quality I am sure you prefer, but they show my expertise in the kitchen.  But they were shot at 6:30 am, which shows that I can cook any time of the day 🙂

I treat my food with respect – I like to say “bye bye” to the pot before I put it in the fridge.

I know that books do not belong in the over and I take them out immediately.  (this is one of my favorite books though)

And even when I get frustrated, I am able to work out any problems I come across – like the pan not fitting on the shelf or the pot not sitting right in the oven.

But I am more than just a wonderful chef!

I am very good looking and photograph well


I can work out a puzzle (and if asked I will tell you that on my shirt is a turtle, because I learned how to say turtle the other day 🙂 )


and after a hard day of cooking, I can relax and kick back and enjoy a good game of Row Row in the rocking chair.

IMG_3690    IMG_3691    IMG_3692

I look forward to hearing from you and staring in my own show as soon as the child labor laws let me!


2 thoughts on “The Next Food Network Star

  1. Awww, darling! I’m sure they’ll slate her in asap.
    Btw, you know the outcome of TNFS??? I’m loving this season! PLEASE don’t give any spoilers!! I really am excited to see how things turn out!

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