A little girl and her books

Emily has always loved books.  When I was pregnant my cousin Neal told me to stock up on the Boynton books and I am so glad we listened to him!  (and Neal, you were right, I have them all memorized 🙂 ) Thanks to his advise and a sweet gift from  and her boys, Em has a nice little Boynton library and they are all loved!  Some of our favorites are "Horn to Toes and in Between", "But Not the Hippopotamus", and "Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs"


But Em’s absolute favorites are "Blue Hat, Green Hat", and "Let’s Dance Little Pookie".  She pulls them off the shelf or out of the book basket and with a very enthusiastic "YEAH", scrambles into my lap for a good story.  "Let’s Dance" is a lot of fun because she dances along.  She has mastered "We reach for the sky, so high, so high" and reaches up.  And the, goes right down because next we "reach for our toes, so low, so low".  But better than that is the way she dances for "Then we shimmy shimmy shake in our very own style".  And this kid is a good dancer!  Thankfully, although she does like to hear stories over and over and over and over, she doesn’t get too carried away with the repetition, whew!

But Em now has a new book that I want to share with you all.

Allow me to introduce Gossie

Gossie is a cute little gosling that loves to wear bright red boots, every day.  This is a very sweet story that Em likes.  But it is veru different for her.  With the Boynton books, she can almost read along and she knows what is coming up next.  The books are very rhythmic, which she likes.  When we read "Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs", and I say, "Dinosaurs Cold", she chimes in with "Hot" (for "Dinosaurs Hot").  Gossie is not that kind of book.  And yet, she (thankfully) enjoys it, but in a different way.  Boynton books are great for more active reading (like the playing kind of reading), while Gossie is fabulous for relaxation story time.  I think Gossie will also be fun for Em when she starts reading.

I did read one review of Gossie that mentioned it is more of a Socialist book that teaches kids it is ok to steal, but I still love Gossie.  I won’t spoil the story for you, but I am pretty sure that Gossie and Gertie have an arrangement already in place regarding the boots.


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