Dear Molars, you suck!

Dear Molars,
You suck!


Dear Molars,

OK, let’s talk here.  I know you have to come in and I know it is a slow process, but seriously, you are making one little girl totally miserable!  Between the runny nose, the coughing,, the drooling and of course, the pain, you have created one miserable situation.  Em HATES taking Tylenol or Motrin (generic, don’t worry), so instead she just cuddles, cries and mopes.  At night.  When we all want to be sleeping.  Because it is night time.  The other night, Em fell asleep immediately, but when we put her in the crib she was so miserable and could not breath and was in pain and it totally sucked.  Look, do what you want to me and D but come on, leave this little kid alone already!

Just in case you are wondering who the kid is that you are tormenting, Emily is a funny funny kid!


She loves to play outside and loves leaves. She says hi to all the trees and the “tweet tweets” (birds).


and she recently discovered a love of mozzarella sticks.


How on earth can you possibly be mean to this little girl?  She is sweet and funny and loves to play, read and tickle.  She loves her stuffed dinosaur, her stuffed monkey and OMG she loves Elmo!  She loves to eat yogurt, but only by herself, loves pasta with all kinds of sauces, risotto, straw and blueberries, bananas, and has a song about cheerios!  She loves crawling up stairs and looking out windows (how cool that the windows in the new house are low enough for her to see out of!).  She loves her stuffed dog Violet, her easy chair, animals, and balls.

So now that you know he a bit better, molars, please, just pop out already and leave this little girl alone!  The top 2 molars have started breaking through, so has a single bottom tooth (which is bottom #4), and the bottom 2 molars are big bumps but one feels like it might break through any day now.  So let’s do it already!  Pretty please?



5 thoughts on “Dear Molars, you suck!

  1. I think things are getting better – she ate like a champ this weekend and finally slept through the night again! She cried and moaned in her sleep a few times but she went straight 7-5, whew!

  2. molars stink
    Dear Molars,
    Anna here (aka Hayden’s Mommy)- I was also curious how you manage to hurt so many children at the same time… You are horrible, horrible teeth.
    The End.

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