a rose by any other name?

I have received lots of emails from people reading Em’s blog and I think it is cool that people beyond our friends and family are tuning in to check out Em’s newest antics and adventures.  Unless you are stalkers or creepy pedophiles or something, in which case find a new blog to read!  Ew!
One reader emailed me last week and asked how I came up with Em’s name and did I share it.  Since I know this reader (wink, hi, wave 🙂 ), I thought I would share the story with everyone else.

D and I (and Em) are Jewish and following tradition, we use the first letter of relatives who have passed away for baby names.  We had 5 letter to play with:

F – D’s grandpa Felix
E – I snuck this one in (for obvious reasons) – My Grandma Rose Evelyn
A – Not a lot of people know this, bbut my Grandma Sadie was really named Anna Sadie. 
R – The aforementioned Grandma Rose and D’s Grandma Rae
S – The aforementioned Grandma Sadie and D’ Grandpa Sidney

Note that the letters spell the word fears.  Coincidence?  Weird!

We had a lot of fun choosing names!  My all time, hands down favorite was absolutely DESPISED by everyone on the planet!  One day, as I was pregnantly  visiting the bathroom, again (and again and again), D suggested Felicity.  I LOVED IT!  Felicity Rose!  Perfect.  Done.  Within a few weeks he hated the name (but HE chose it!), and it got really bad negative reactions, but I still love it.  And Em could have pulled off a cool, unique, somewhat antique name like that.  But that is not her name.

As the months went by and I got to know her better, D and I came up with names that we liked and we developed a complex march madness basketball pool type of system to narrow down names.  Which would have been a great idea, but by then, Em was named, even if no one but me knew it 🙂

On November 1st, 2008, Emily officially became Emily Rebecca.  My parents were in town and we all went to dinner before heading to my Uncle’s 60th birthday party and I mentioned casually at dinner that I liked the name Emily with our last name.  My parents agreed and mom said that it was such a pretty name.  So I launched a plot!  The next night we had dinner with D’s parents and I said it again.  I realyl like the name Emily with our last name and THEY agreed!  I never said that name again until the day she was born.  Seriously, every time people asked what names we liked I never once said Emily.  and yes, once they heard her name, a lot of people said, Wait, you never mentioned the name Emily before.  Hee hee 🙂

Em was born February 25th, and to his credit, while I was in labor D was still working on names.  The three finalists were:

Emily Rebecca
Sydney Rebecca
Rebecca Sydney (I think)

Yep, he was stuck on the name Sydney.  But the college I teach at is really small, and I started the same time as one of my students named Sydney.  And just graduated as valedictorian (yes, MY student, so proud!), with a 4.0, is a star athlete, and has taken at least one of my classes every semester for 4 years.  It is just too small a school for me to use that name.  I was cool with it as a middle name, but I just could not do it as her first name.  Plus, on November 1, she became Emily Rebecca.

So, February 25th, afer waiting 9 months for the question, the doctor ask it, "What’s her name, mom?".  That question got me all chocked up, and only in part because I haden’t even SEEN her yet (see her birth story for details), and it came out automatically, Emily Rebecca. Sorry D, but the next one can be Syndey.  This one is all Emily.  But I am interested to see her reaction when she reads this and learns that her name might have been Sydney or Felicity…

Now, to be fair, I should point out that I am very bad with names!  VERY bad with names.  My OB did not delivery Em but she came to see me that day and asked what we named her – I said, out of no where, Lilly Elizabeth.  HUH?  WTF?  The next day, I called her Sydney.  But by the time we got home, I had her name down pat!


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