such a busy week!

As promised, house pictures (some… we are still knee deep in boxes in some places 🙂 ).

Emily loves looking out the living room windows and saying hi to all the trees


the back of the living room (to the right of the black bookshelf is the fireplace and then the TV/couch area). These 2 bookshelves face each other. I put a blanket on the floor between them and we sit there a lot and read stories.

IMG_3426    IMG_3427

Em’s playroom (well, the designated play room, but she plays everywhere 🙂 )


Em’s bathroom (thanks for the shower curtain mom!)


Em’s very blue room that will definitely be pink by the end of the summer! She picked out a pink she likes (and went nutty happy over the paint chip), but I think we’ll go with a soft ballerina pink instead. Sorry kiddo 🙂


One of the window seats, she likes these a lot – they are fun to sit in, and she likes to look out the window


and the kitchen, where Em loves to help me find things.


Moving on from house pictures, Em has had a very busy week!

Last week we had a play date with 2 of her friends, E and W and she had so much fun!

IMG_3432    IMG_3437

We took Em to the zoo on Father’s Day and she had so much fun, as always!  She went in the prairie dog tubes, said hi to the bear, talked to the bison, and had fun meeting the cows, goats, sheep, piggies and ducks.  Our zoo just opened a new exhibit that we really liked with eagles, turtles, otters, alligators, etc… and of course, 2 rides on the merry-go-round!


But we also have fun at home, eating grapes and showing off those gorgeous eyes!

IMG_3514    IMG_3517


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