We are not in Kansas anymore

Hi Internet people!

Something weird happened.  On Friday I was so sick and all I wanted to do was be with my mommy and cuddle all day long (by the way, Thursday mommy took me to the doctor and she said it was just a cold but a very yucky one!  My nose got all bloody and everything!).  Anyway, mommy called my school and told them I was too sick to come to school, but instead of cuddling all day, we did a LOT of stuff and then we slept in a place that was not our home.  Mommy and daddy say this is our new home.  In fact they said it so much that I learned to say home too!

Saturday Mommy finally found the camera while I was playing outside with daddy.  One really cool thing about this new home is that I can play outside!  I like being barefoot outside, but I am not sure I like crawling barefoot (or in shorts) on the brick walk.  Mommy doesn’t like me doing that either, so I will stick to the grass (there is a lot of grass) and the driveway.


This new place is neat, but I am still a little confused… I am not sure how long we are staying here, and I still can’t find some of my favorite toys and books.   But I do like playing here!  Daddy put a big box in the middle of the living room and I like to play in it.  (this is the day after we moved and I was still sick 😦 )


I like to throw my ball into it and then go get it, and sometimes I bring my stuffed doggy in there too.  I say Bye Bye and go into my box.  Mommy said that once we get all organized, we can build a fort in the basement out of all the boxes.  I can’t wait for that, it will be so much fun!

Sunday I was feeling MUCH better which meant I could go to H’s 2nd 1st birthday party.  She is 2 weeks younger than me, but there was a big storm and a power outage and her party was canceled – it was very sad!  So her mommy and daddy had her party this weekend.  It was so much fun and nice to get away from the mess 🙂

Before the party I got to play on the swings – I still love swings!


Yesterday after school, mommy and I did a surprise for Father’s Day – I can’t wait for daddy to see it!  Then I played while she unpacked books.  Mommy found my blue toy basket and put toys in it!  I remember those toys and pulled them all out to play with.  Then I climbed into the basket!  Mommy was laughing so hard at me – she says I am very silly.


Stay tuned, mommy promises to take lots of house pictures so you can see where I live.  But in the meantime, she would want me to tall you that I learned nose.  I can find my nose and every else’s nose too!  We worked on ear last night but that was too funny for me.  I kept falling over laughing.


2 thoughts on “We are not in Kansas anymore

  1. Hi Emily,
    Isn’t your new house nice! It’s such a big place to play! Oh, and its so much fun to play outside – especially barefoot! Outside you can run around on the grass and look at flowers. The grass is also a wonderful place to play with your ball. Do mommy and daddy let you take it outside? While you are playing make sure to find your nose. I think I’ve lost mine. I hear you are really good at finding noses. Next time I see you can you help me find mine? — Sheri

  2. Dear Emily-
    I hope you had a nice Fathers Day with your Daddy. Mine asked for a kiss but I refused to kiss him. After all he is a boy. I did kiss my stuffed pony 200 times though. I hope we have a play date soon. It’s cool that your new house has grass.
    Love, Hayden
    p.s. Thank you for coming to my 15 month birthday party. I like my toy. It sings funny and drives my Mommy crazy.

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