Genetics is far more then DNA

Even if we had any doubt, this week, Emily proved beyond a doubt that she is ours.

First, I give you exhibit A.  Sheri, Em LOVES the blocks, thanks again.  Her favorite thing to do with them is put them away.  Oh yeah, my child likes to clean – obviously all mine!

As a side note, D and I love the blocks too.  Check out D’s creation (which Em loved to take apart and put away neatly)


And then, she proved that she is his when she checked her email in the middle of getting dressed.


Oh yeah, DNA doesn’t stand a chance in the face of sure pure and obvious proof!

In non genetic news, Em had her 15 month doctor apt this week. Except for that one sick visit, Em loves the doctor’s office – a huge table with a huge roll of paper – what is not to love?


She did not love the shots especially since she so badly wanted to nurse or nap and instead was forced to get shots. Poor kid 😦 But she did love playing outside after a good nap that afternoon.


(that is our balcony, she is not in jail)

Today Em had a blast playing with her chair. She has always liked it but today she realized that she knew how to climb in and out of it and had SO much fun!

IMG_3202    IMG_3206    IMG_3210

And come on, who amongst us hasn’t sat in a chair and eaten our feet?


And because it is fun, here is a video of her playing in and out of the chair.

Finally, just before bath time, more outside playing, this time with bubbles (OMG you have to hear her say bubbles, it is beyond cute!)


And speaking of beyond cute, wow, I love that little outfit she is wearing.  I wasn’t sure about the little flowered shorts when I bought them (but some on, on sale for under $3, how do you say no?), but she loves them.  When I gave her 2 options this morning, she pulled these to her right away and hugged them.  I love when she does that 🙂


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