the Duck Goes Quack Quack

But a good alternate title for today’s post might be “Why Emily Needs to Wear a Bib”.  But to get to that story, you fist have to get through the rest.

This weekend my parents were visiting and we took Em to the zoo.  SHE LOVED IT!!  OMG she totally LOVED it!  We knew she loved animals from our Halloween trip to a farm, but this time she really got into it.  I can’t wait to take her back to the farm!  I didn’t bother taking pictures at the zoo because we were all so entranced by her reactions, but I did take a few shots of the peacock we saw as soon as we walked in.

IMG_2894    IMG_2895

Really, would Emily’s blog be complete without a good Peacock Butt shot? She looked at the Tiger and Bear and seemed happy with their existence but she really got into the experience at the (bearded?) Wolf exhibit! We were standing around a corner buy the fence and he walked right up to us! He was probably 5-10 feet away (and separated from us by 2 fences, don’t worry).  He kept pacing back and forth and Em could not take her eyes off him.  It was like a magnetic pull between him and her eyes – the few times she tried to look away her head snapped right back towards him.  but sadly, eventually, he went to the back of the enclosure and didn’t come back.  You would think Em would be devastated, but there was a farmyard section of the zoo to make everything better.  Em met lambs and sheep and piggys and another peacock that she could not take her eyes off.  she laughed at the gigantic turkey and jumped every time the rooster crowed.  Then we met the cow and we learned that the cow goes Moo and Em started Mooing too.  But them Em met the ducks and learned to quack.  So now when we ask her what a duck says, she says Quack Quack.  (of course when we ask her what a walnut says she also says Quack Quack but it is still cute 🙂 ).

But the best was a carousel.  Em wasn’t sure at first, especially when the gorilla started going up and down, but then she had a lot of fun.


More picture from that weekend, playing in her pj’s Sunday morning before breakfast.  (We love this first picture, that s why it is big.  When D saw this picture he said, Wow she is totally you, but I still don’t see it.)

IMG_2905   IMG_2910

IMG_2916    IMG_2925

But now the moment you have been waiting for – why Em needs a bib.

Tonight we went to visit Aunt Toni upstairs where we found that that Em loves sun dried tomatoes.  Seriously, who knew?  I mean who thinks to give their kid sun dried tomatoes?  Well, now us because she ate a bunch of them.  Then we came home to eat dinner.


While Em was happily eating, I got artistic with the camera


But Em really wanted to check out the cup of water on the counter. We have been giving her water from a cup lately, but only if we hold it, for obvious reasons (and if they aren’t obvious yet, they soon will be)


Guess what Em did with the water.
To be fair, this was after her second cup of water.  The first one had a very little bit and she drank most of that – well, she still ended up wet, but I heard swallowing first, so I assume she drank some.


(Oh sweet girl, sorry for taking and posting this picture but come on, it was pretty funny! You, of course did not think so and lost it. You love taking baths and swimming but you do not love sitting in soaking wet clothes)

So Em finished up dinner in her pjs on the floor.


Remember back to the “You have no idea” entry?  Well, I had no idea again – this is a funny funny and FUN kid!


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