a doggy came to visit!

Dear Daddy,
I wish you were home already because tonight was so great!  Daddy, Phoebe and Sophie brought their doggy over to play!  I love playing with him so much!  He sniffed my hand and licked me and I got to pet him (gently) and touch his nose.  It was SO much fun!  I was talking about it all night.  Daddy I did not want to go to sleep, I just wanted to tell mommy all about the doggy!  What a great night!  (oh, Daddy, I finally did go to sleep at about 7:30, don’t worry 🙂 )

This morning I played a little bit. My hair was so messy – just the way you like it 🙂

IMG_2807    IMG_2814

Once mommy got me all dressed I played with my tulips until it was time to go to school.


After school, I played some more, and then I took a bath.  Then, after we talked to you, I played with Paddington, and my puzzle, and when I sneezed, I wiped my nose like a good girl.

IMG_2844   IMG_2866   IMG_2871

Mommy did videos of me and Paddington playing in the toy box and with my ball toy.

This is me playing with Paddington and the toy box.

And this is me playing with my ball popper.
(note to the other parents out there – this gift is insanely popular with gift givers and typically results in parents chasing down flying balls that land everywhere but in the ball popper mechanism.  We got lucky, Em was petrified of this toy for months and has recently started to really like it.  Two things made this toy bearable for D and me.  First, I put a piece of tap on the fan to stop the balls for flying out madly, or going too high, and second, Em started to crawl after the balls and put them back into the track.)

Then I played on my farm for a little bit, before having the best time playing with Sophie and her puppy.


Daddy, it was a great day and I had so much fun tonight, but I still can’t wait for you to come home!
Have a great last day of meetings and travel safe!
Hurry home,


2 thoughts on “a doggy came to visit!

  1. LOL it is ok, D understands 🙂
    I wanted to do something special for him while he was away, and you all benefit with more entries than usual, so it is a win win. But I win the most because I got to watch her love every second of playing with a puppy! Oh I just wish there was some way to share how happy she was!

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