Word Explosion!

One of the worst things about D being on a business trip is that he is not here to witness the word explosion!  And I do mean explosion!  But luckily, when he called tonight Em was feeling chatty and he got to hear the newest word – Cheese!

So Emily’s words, in no particular order (well, in the order I happen to think of them):
cheese (which debuted tonight)
tree (oh, D, I think I forgot to tell you that yesterday she said tree up at John and Toni’s place, looking at the tree they have that she loves…)
Cheerios (Cheeooos)
Emily (yes, she says her name!!  It is barely recognizable, but still adorable and I won’t even both to spell it phonetically the way she says it because I can’t spell it, so there!)
Fish (Fshhhh)
Please (peaaas, always accompanied with the sign for please)
Down (dow)
Dog (Da)
Yeah (ALWAYS said with emphasis.  Not yeah as in yeah, whatever, but YEAH as in Way Cool!)
No No No No
Ma Ma
Da Da
Ba Ba Ba (no clue what this means, but she says it a lot)

And in Sign Language we have:
Bye Bye (well, she waves but I am counting it)
Milk (she does the sign for milk when I ask both if she wants milk or if she wants to nurse)
Thank you

And D, I will try to post (or email) pictures tomorrow, I only took a few tonight and they aren’t great.  It was rainy all day and the lighting sucked!  And the ones i did take are being held hostage by the camera which is in her room.  Oops!  But picture her playing with Paddington Bear, the remote for the mobile and reading a lot of books, and doing it all in a cloth diaper!  Yep, I am transitioning her to sleeping in a cloth diaper.  We haven’t had middle of the night diaper changes for so long that I think it will work out fine.

edited to add – I just read the posted entry and I think I should clarify that her cheese is the dairy product, not the photographic cheese 🙂

And the words I forgot!
Uh oh
Oh no (with the hand to the side of her head of course)
Bye bye
water (wa wa, and she signs this one also)
All done (ah duu) – mostly after dinner, accompanied by trying to push the high chair tray away

And I think she is signing yogurt, but I am not 100% positive on that one yet.  For all I know she is signing some complex physics formula and wondering why I bring her yogurt every time 🙂

disclaimer – these are the words that I understand. She has a LOT to say, but not all of it is recognizable English.


2 thoughts on “Word Explosion!

  1. Wow, awesome!! Girls generally have way more advanced vocab than boys, but even so, she’s doing great! Robbie only does Mama and Dada and uh-oh.
    Is she walking? Robbie is doing awesome on walking–I really need to get video. He still stops and crawls sometimes if he’s serious about getting somewhere, but in the last few days he’s gone from a few steps to walking down the hall and back. It’s so cute!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, we do have uh oh – I edited to add the words I forgot 🙂
    Nope, not walking yet, whew! I have read that they either do verbal first or gross motor. So Em is (blissfully) focusing on talking now. She does pull herself up now – mostly on me, a few times on her rocking chair and last night in the bathtub! That ended that bath fast!

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