Best friends!

I have posted before about DOOOOO, Emily’s stuffed Triceratops that hangs out in her crib at night to protect her from any monsters, etc…  DOOOOO is also great for cuddling with while she nurses and that is so sweet!  But now she has a new friend too.

Today, Emily got to spend time with her great aunts and uncles on my side (because hanging out with 2 great uncle Harveys never confused anyone, we figured we should start early 🙂 ).  Em took a while to warm up to everyone, she is like that, but she took much longer than usual to warm up to great uncle Harvey #1.  But he sweetened the pot by introducing her to a new friend.

Meet vintage Mickey, AKA Em’s new best friend!


This is really the seat of honor, because Em does not let just anyone sit in her chair!  To date, only her dog Violet, DOOO and now Mickey have been allowed to sit there.  Everyone else gets vehemently (and often violently) removed.  To be fair, DOOOOO rarely sits there because he does hang out in the crib, but he has been granted permission to sit there occasion.

Harvey also taught Em that when she says “Oh No”, she needs to put her hands up to her face.


The picture is a little blurry, but you get the point.  Poor Mickey fell over and Em right away said “Oh no!” and slapped her head with her hand.  Good thing I had the camera ready!

Thanks H&E for the hospitality and the great lunch and thanks H&P for making the drive up – this was such a great day and we’ll definitely be back when you open the pool!


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