please and thank you? or please and kisses.. your call

Emily has learn to sign please!  (watch fast, this is the shortest video known to man)

It is So cute!  And I love hearing her say Please!

But the problem is that she also learned how to sign Thank You.  great.  Super.  This is all good.  Except, she likes to blow kisses (especially at the grocery store – seriously, everyone at the grocery store gets a kiss!  Even the food and groceries on display get kisses.  The bananas (nanas!) get the most kisses).

But the sign for Thank You is remarkably similar to blowing kisses!  So now I never know if she is blowing kisses or thanking me.

Except this morning.

One of her school friends L was slowly melting down in the hunt for yogurt melts, and if you know EM you know that if there are yogurt melts nearby, she wants them.  As soon as she saw L getting them, she started signing Thank You.   So she got yogurt melts, of course, because how do you resist that??


And finally, I leave you with a video of Em playing on her favorite toy in the school yard.   Note the new shoes that she just loves!


One thought on “please and thank you? or please and kisses.. your call

  1. Sarah’s first demonstrated “thank you” sign came when I was explaining why we say grace before dinner. I told her it’s nice to say thank you to God for all He’s given us. She looked up and signed while saying “Thank you, God!”

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