Why yes, that is my heart in my throat, thanks for asking

What a day to go to lunch!  I went to lunch today with a bunch of colleagues and came back to 4 emails:

Email #1:  Subject: EMILY (From the Day Care to me and D)

Hi Beth,
Miss XXXX just informed me that Emily has a fever of 101 under one arm and 102 under the other arm. Please give us a call as soon as you can.
Thank you

Email #2: Subject EMILY (from D to the Day Care)

I tried reaching Beth a few ways myself and have not got in touch. I usually pick her up on Mondays and am leaving now but it will take some time. Will let you know once on a train….

Email #3: Subject EMILY DISREGARD!! (From Day Care)

It was EMMA NOT Emily!! I heard wrong over the speaker. I am so sorry!! Emily is just fine!!!

Email #4: Subject EMILY DISREGARD!! (From D)

Whew. Ok….I just got the other mail.

Help Emma is feeling better!


So the bottom line, D did not get on the train several hours early, Emily is fine, and my heart spent a good minute or so in my throat!
And how was YOUR lunch?




2 thoughts on “Why yes, that is my heart in my throat, thanks for asking

  1. Oh I know, and I still can’t get a hold of him – he must be swamped today! But I think for both of us, the relief that she is fine overshadows everything else.

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