Nursing Kisses

Nursing is still one of my favorite parts of mommy-hood.  It forces me to slow down, sit down, relax and stop doing things, and if you know me in real life – that is nearly impossible!  The glider and ottoman in her room are insanely comfortable and hands down, that is our favorite place to nurse.  We had a rocky start to nursing and I have blogged about that, and about our subsequent adventures, but now things are so great, neither of us has any interest in stopping!  Everyone says the best feeling in the world is when your baby stops nursing to smile at you and wow, they were right!  That was fabulous!  I did love that one, and I also love when she stops nursing to wave at daddy.  But the other day, she topped those!  Emily stopped nursing to blow me a kiss!  Oh come on, how does that not melt your heart!  She pulled off, blew me a very sweet kiss and then went right back to nursing.

This morning was also sweet, she nursed while cuddling her stuffed Dinosaur.  D and I named him Toppy (he is  triceratops), but Em calls him DOOOO.  DOOOO (with emphasis!) seemed quite happy to be part of our morning snuggle time which is good because really, a good rule of thumb is to not annoy a dinosaur.

A few quick pictures:

The last day while we were home sick, Em pulled a catalog out of the recycle bin and read it (upside down) very carefully for quite a while!


Last week, Em and I were playing in her room and she was just too cute! In this second picture, she had invented a new game. She was looking at me through the hole in the toy! She would look at me, pull down the toy and laugh, then look at me again. We did this back and forth for quite a while – it never got old!

IMG_2443    IMG_2446

But, the most fun was when my parent’s birthday gift to Em arrived! You all know by now how much Em loves to open and close doors. Well, check this out.


These video’s are of Em’s first day on the farm.  She spent so much time crawling through the barn door, except when I turn on the video camera of course.  But she had so much fun exploring all the different parts – especially the “window” above the door!

I love watching her laugh at the little lamp!


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