Birthdays and other things

Wow, I have been a bad blogger – only 4 entries in March and so far non in April!  But I have been a good mommy, so it all washes out.
Really, a lot has been happening, but I haven’t had time to tell you all about it.  Em has her second first birthday party, lots of outside play time and play dates (YAY for spring!), a virus from hell that knocked her off her game for 4 days, and a little celebration for baseball’s opening day with her daddy.

Let’s start with a few pictures from her second first birthday party (that just reads odd to me, but if I wrote, her second birthday party, which it technically was, that would just read even worse…  the bottom line, she had 2 birthday parties, here are pictures from party #2).

IMG_2305    IMG_2320    IMG_2339

The firth shot is the best shot of Em from the party – I LOVE that dress so much, it is so perfect for her, thanks Debbie!  The second shot is the obligatory cake shot, and the third shot is the money shot!  The mommy group (minus, sadly, one mommy/baby combo).  A quick shot out to these 9 ladies, their husbands and their babies – you are all so amazing!  I am so proud to be a party of such a great group of women and cannot thank you enough for everything!  I love you all!!

OK, enough mushy 🙂

So we left the party early because Em was cranky, exhausted and felt warm to me.  Always have at least 9 other moms around when a baby is getting sick – they are like a health care army!  We got her home to find her fever was 103.6!  AK!  She spent 4 days with a miserably high fever, I could not get it to go below 102/103 unless she was medicated.  The second (literally, the second) the drug of the day (Tylenol or Motrin) wore off, the fever spiked again.  We spent 4 days cuddling, crying, and nursing almost around the clock.  Monday the doctor gave her a mega dose of Motrin and then fever ever came back up.  Her ears were perfect, other than the fever, there was nothing else wrong with her.  Thank goodness the fever broke though, because if it didn’t, we were back for invasive tests.  I flipped out over that possibility!  Thanks Toni and  for keeping me sane through that one.

But hey, kudos to Em for going 13.5 months before she got really sick for the first time!  Every doctor in the practice was impressed with that one.  We have had colds, a touch of croup, but really, nothing major.  Keep up the streak kiddo!

Before and after fever attacks, we played a lot!

Oh come on, how cute is this kid? She picked out this shirt herself at the Gap and goes wild every time I ask her if she wants to wear it.


We cannot leave for school without hugging our friends good bye.  Some fun trivia – that pink and green blanket on the floor my grandmother made for me when I was a baby.   It is so soft and cuddly but it is an octagon and therefore hell to fold!


On that same day when we got home from school, Em’s new lunch box had arrived. She had so much fun putting things in it and then taking them out.  She is really into prepositions lately – she loves putting things into something and then taking them out.


I have no clue what this face is all about but it makes me laugh


playing outside and enjoying the sun after a long winter

IMG_2261    IMG_2265

And getting ready for her party


Since it was so nice out, and Em’s fever was (momentarily) under control, the next day we took her to a nearby playground for a little vitamin D.


Em celebrated it being Baseball’s Opening Day by running the bases with her daddy and then happily playing at home plate.

IMG_2391    IMG_2395    IMG_2396

Yes, my child loves dirt.  But really, it is too cool that she (for now) loves all things girly as well as dirt – ah bliss, the best of all worlds 🙂


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