You have no idea!

When you are pregnant with your first child, it seems as if all the parents with experience in your age range are so excited to see you suffer!  I cannot tell you how many people (not you dear readers who have been SO helpful of course, the “others”) said “Oh Beth, you have no idea” with a wicked, manic laugh.  To this day, my favorite is when I told someone that I was hoping to bring one big suitcase when the 3 of us took a trip to San Francisco.  I am pretty sure she is still laughing (and yep, all she said was, “You have no idea!”), and yet, I did it with room to spare and only minor over-packing.

It is like there is some club (and I have not been inducted yet, are there cool jackets??), and the clubs manifesto is to wish evil on new parents.  That is sad 😦

But the truth is I had no idea!  So I guess they were all right!

I had no idea how much fun it would be to watch Emily eat her fist lemon wedge (yes, my daughter eats lemon wedges – YAY 🙂 ), or chow down on grapes.  I had no idea how much better D and I would eat with all this fresh fruit and veggies in the house.  I had no idea how much I would love homemade salmon potato cakes.  I had no idea how AMAZING it would be to have someone need comfort and only accept it from me.  (sidebar here, I have seen other parents complain about this and I simply do not get it!  When Emily wants only me, it is the most wonderful feeling ever!  I know, I know, I have no idea 😉 ).  I had no idea how much I would love to sing about nectarines (there is a Sesame Street song where the guys goes nuts over nectarines, “now there’s a fruit a nectarine!  Where do such things come from, half a peach, half a plum….”).

so I guess really they were right, I HAD no idea!  But I am still confused…  Oh Beth you have no idea how healthy you will end up eating – evil laughter??  Yeah, it makes no sense.  So maybe they were all referring to her infancy?  You have no idea how it will feel to be sleep deprived?  Well, sorry folks, there was something sweet and relaxing about middle of the night nursing sessions.  Diapers have not been terrible.  Yes, I have been spit up on, but only breast milk spit up and that is nothing to clean.

So where is all the evilness that I have no idea that I am in for?  I am not saying that Emily has been a picnic!  On the contrary!  Her first 6 months were hard!  But nothing worthy of evil laughter (yet???).  The truth is, everything that I have heard parents complain about I love!  I love that she only wants me when she is scared, nervous, worried, etc….  I love that when all else fails, nursing will help her relax (especially after shots).  I love that she loves to chase me around and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the almost hysterical laughter when I act surprised or scared to see her during one of these chase sessions.  And I love that her favorite place to sit for story time is in my lap.    I love our conversations.  We are definitely speaking 2 different languages but the conversation flows so nicely.  I love taking her grocery shopping, or to Target, where she loves to wave at everyone.  She likes to hold things when we go shopping.  This weekend it was a cucumber at the grocery store and cupcake sleeves at Target (long story, don’t ask 🙂 ) .  I love that she has her own definite personality, and wants to hold the cucumber but not the pepper.  (oh her personality is another thing that people warned me I would hate.  oops!)

And here are some more things I had no idea about:

I had no idea how much fun it would be to play on the swings and in the grass with a little girl:

IMG_2078    IMG_2081    IMG_2089

and I had no idea how gorgeous that little girl would be!

IMG_2097  Wow, I just love this picture!!

and I still have no idea how she learned to climb stairs since we have a one story condo but I had no idea how cool it would be too see her charging up those stairs completely fearless!  (she then tried to go down head first but I did not allow that one 🙂 ).  The other little girl in the video is Em’s best friend that she met at school and WOW, that is a gorgeous kid!  Em has some really good looking friends!

I also had no idea who I would react to Em starting to push up like that and stand holding onto things.  Now that I am not ready for!  But she is, so I guess I have no choice.  I expect her to be walking in just a few weeks.  Wow!

And although I don’t have a picture of it, I had no idea how cool it would be to see Em blow kisses!  She is still pretty discriminating with her kisses – most are reserved for mommy, daddy, and Aunt Toni, but she is starting to expand a bit.  So stay tuned, if Em hasn’t blown you a kiss yet, it could be coming (and if not, hey, what can I say, she has her mommy’s stubbornness, sorry!)

So their inflection and tone may have indicated that “you have no idea” means that something evil coming, but they were still right – I had no idea!  But it is all good 🙂


3 thoughts on “You have no idea!

  1. If you think the past year has been fun, you have no idea what’s in store for you! Just wait until she can run up to you for hugs and kisses when you get home!

  2. That is a wonderful, beautiful (and beautifully written) post. I get so tired of hearing people do nothing but complain about their kids. I get tempted to say “If they’re that much trouble, give them away” but I hold my tongue. I’m so happy that you are enjoying Em and motherhood so much.

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