of Peek a Boo and other things

Yesterday I was just delirious with joy – Em slept until 6:45. This morning, and the morning before, 4am. She makes it hard to be annoyed with her though, she is just too damn cute for her own good, and to be honest, I am pretty sure she knows it. Whenever she is caught doing something that she knows she is not supposed to do, she gives you this smile – full of charm and guilt and oh boy are we ever screwed (and tired)!

But as every parent does, we are trying to instill a sense of responsibility into our daughter and at the ripe old age of 1, she now has chores. Because it is never too soon. Emily is now responsible for closing all open doors. And she takes this very seriously! Just this morning she closed me in the laundry room and as her daddy was leaving for work, she started to close the door on him before he could even say good bye! Other than closing doors, Emily also loves to play “Ahhh Booo!”. She puts anything over her head, pulls it down and says “Ahhh Booo”. This morning she also pulled the blankets off me to say Ah Boo. And her third trick – last night she figured out hw to push her high chair across the kitchen. She starts with it in place under the window and slowly but surely gets it over to the fridge. I put it back and she starts all over again. What a great game!

But, now, finally, I present Em’s 12 month lineup!

P3250035 P4250045 P5250047 P6250005 P7250016 P8250071 P9250073 PA250054 IMG_0628 IMG_1008 IMG_1331 IMG_1740

It is not the greatest picture, the lighting that morning was not great, but still, how fun to have all 12 shots in a line (or 3 lines).  In that 12 month shot, Em is chewing on her toothbrush, she would not put it down for anything!

Em’s birthday was a great day!
First, here are some shots of her playing at school that morning.

IMG_1761    IMG_1775   IMG_1797

Then, after dinner, instead of a “smash cake”, I did a smash cupcake.  Emily does not need to eat an entire cake!  But sadly for pictures it is a white cake with pale pink icing.  A brighter pink icing would have made better pictures but hey, she had fun anyway!

First she talked to my parents on Skype (she is looking at the laptop here)


Then the fun started with the icing on the hand and the cupcake upside down


After a few tears and false starts, Em really got the hang on things!

IMG_1814    IMG_1815    IMG_1816 IMG_1818    IMG_1823    IMG_1824 IMG_1825

And finally, Em did some serious thinking about whether she liked the cupcake or not. At this point she had been pretty much cleaned up, but it is still cute 🙂

Yeah, that pale icing does not make for great pictures, but her poses and expressions do 🙂

The next day was supposed to be Em’s birthday party at school but school was snowed out 😦  We did have her party on Saturday though.

Very good friends of our loving made Em’s first birthday cake and it was the prettiest first birthday cake I have ever seen.  Thanks so much Toni!  Not only was it gorgeous, but absolutely delicious!

IMG_1866    IMG_1897

Em loved it so much that she actually sat on it! And unbelievably, not one person at her party got a picture of that for me 😦


One thought on “of Peek a Boo and other things

  1. So unbelievable that a year has passed! 🙂 And that she can just keep getting cuter and cuter like that!
    She’s such a treasure, Beth. *hugs* Congrats on surviving the first year. 😉

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