a little gift for my parents

because they haven’t seen Emily is so long.  So, Mom and Dad, as you deal with the damage from the blizzards, here are some videos of Em playing, crawling, etc…    Enjoy the show!

(from Sunday 2.21.10)    At the end of this one is the patented Emily screech that we all love so much.  Well, her screeches are a lot like blizzards.  One is fun, a few might even be fun.  But after a while, you are over it.

These next two are just little videos of Em playing with the greatest toy ever (thanks cousin Danielle!!!).  Em adores it!  Watching her play with it, I know she is going to flip over the toy my parents got her for her birthday.

(from Saturday 2.20.10)

(from Monday 2.22.010) This was shot Monday morning before school and before she got green paint all over her pretty rose bud sweater (that I spent all of $1 on – love it!).  For the record, the first time she wore it she covered it in a major diaper blow out, the second time, she covered it with green paint.  I am not sure if I am more impressed with her consistency or my laundry abilities!


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