a long overdue update!

Things here have just been busy.   How busy?  Well, I have a nice fat Amazon gift card that I haven’t touched – that kind of busy!  I want a wet bag for Em’s cloth diapers, and all I really need to do is click send  and boom – free wet bag.  But nope, too busy to even click send.  But not too busy to submit Em to endless photo shoots 🙂

And so, I give you a few weeks worth of pictures – yes, weeks.  There are a TON of pictures in this post!

There is nothing like a little girl and her toothbrush 🙂


(and in case you are wondering, yes, this picture is from the same day as the last shots on the last entry 🙂 )

So, lately, Em has been working on growing her top two teeth. I can see them, but they haven’t poked through yet. So I keep this toy in the freezer.


Notice the kneeling! And the obsession over this toy that has not yet diminished.

IMG_1441  IMG_1459

This is a great shot – not only is she adorable (as usual 🙂 ) but check out the dress. When Darren and I decided to have a child, I had a lot of dreams, as anyone would. One of the things that was most important to me was to pass on what my mother and grandmother taught me and brought to my life. And eventually, I will. My mom gave me a pair of earrings on my wedding day that her mother gave her on her wedding day. And in about 65 years, when D finally allows Em to talk to boys, she’ll get them on her wedding day. We have a lot of things like that that I will pass on to her and I can’t wait. But I got to pass something to her now. The dress she is wearing in this picture was mine. How cool is that?? (I added the white turtleneck underneath it!)  And I have one more dress for her to wear. I can’t wait!
OK, moving on.

Em has started hugging big time! I love little baby girl hugs! She has always been a cuddler, but these are real hugs. Here she is hugging the ottoman. And before you judge, it is a VERY comfy sofa/ottoman set! That was followed by a spirited game of peek-a-boo in her room. She still loves her big girl car seat and is happily on her way to play date! Check out the picture from the play date – they are sharing! This is the first time that she really played with another baby, as opposed to parallel play (which she does still do a lot, but that is ok really).

IMG_1467    IMG_1468    IMG_1479    IMG_1490

Sunday, after Em emptied her toy box, we took her back to the play space in a local mall – that awesome play space from a few weeks ago. Last time we took her there she had just started crawling and while she had a great time, it was nothing compared to this time!

IMG_1507    IMG_1518    IMG_1522    IMG_1524 IMG_1525    IMG_1527    IMG_1531    IMG_1532

She loves crawling through the corn on the cob tunnel so much!
Fair warning – turn DOWN the volume on your computers – this is in a mall play space and is loud!

But we are not done yet!

Monday morning while I was busy making my lunch, Em was busy emptying the diaper bag.


And as the theme of Em using things from my childhood continues, Em made a new friend! In our bedroom we have an antique child’s rocking chair (not mine), and sitting in that chair are 2 of my dolls from when I was a baby. Em fell in love with Suzie! Suzie does need to visit the doll hospital in New York City because our old dog Bert ate her hand one day. Poor Suzie! But if Em is going to be playing with her, she needs a… well, she needs to have her hand repaired is a better way to put it ;o)

IMG_1560    IMG_1562

And I took advantage of today’s snow day to do some valentine’s shots. Her pink overalls are covered with tiny hearts but if that wasn’t enough I gave her a foil heart to play with. Yes, that is the same heart that the photographer brought for my maternity pictures 🙂  They don’t really scream Valentine’s Day but I think they are pretty good all the same.

IMG_1542    IMG_1567    IMG_1570

And oh wait, an update! Today Em drank from a straw! Our goal is to move off bottles soon, so this should help.


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