11 months, 5 days, 47.5 weeks

Yes, I know I am late with Em’s 11 month round up, so without further ado:

P3250035 P4250045 P5250047 P6250005 P7250016 P8250071 P9250073 PA250054 IMG_0628 IMG_1008 IMG_1331

One more to go!  Wow, I cannot believe my little girl is going to be one year old!  How did that happen?  I need to get one of those frames with 12 little holes for these pictures.

So this has been a rough week.  Remember how, in the past, Em was really happy even when she was sick?  Well, no more.  Thursday when I picked her up from school you could just tel that she was feeling miserable, poor kid.  When we got home, her temperature was 102.7!  AK!  A few hours later she was at 103.2!  That was a bad night, she was so miserable, poor thing.  And Friday was odd.  Every time I thought I had the fever down for good, it would spike up again.  Thursday night and Friday she was not herself at all.  She just wanted to cuddle ad seemed so miserable.  But finally, around 6pm on Friday I got it down for good!  She is just so much happier now.  While I love the cuddling, of course, I like it much more when she is her happy self.

But anyway, on to the pictures!  So now that Em has started to crawl, she has become the master of movement! She loves to “chase” me – I crawl around and she follows, laughing so hard!

IMG_1277 cropped

So I spent weeks looking for Jets apparel in her size.  As soon as the Jets made the playoffs, D was adamant that she have some to wear for the games.  Who knew it would be so hard to find?  Finally, he found 2 outfits in a local hat store of all places.  They are cute outfits and fit her, and the best part – they were $1 each!  So for $2, he got her 2 outfits.  Which was actually a good thing, because the white Jets shirt she wore that morning was quickly covered with drool and lunch.  Here she is wearing the second outfit.  Much like her daddy, she started off very happy, but towards the end of the game, she was not as happy.  Sorry D. 😦

IMG_1291   IMG_1294   IMG_1302

Luckily, Em got over her disappointment in the Jets loss pretty quick.  After the game Em played, and played and played…

IMG_1306    IMG_1311 cropped
(WOW, she looks SO good in black! Everyone told me that on Halloween, but I never realized how much the black brought out her eyes before!)

She also looks good in deep purple. The dress looks black in these pictures but in real life it is a deep plum color, that also looks fabulous on her.  It is also my favorite of her dresses.  This is one of the outtakes from her 11 month shot.  Wow, these monthly shots are getting so hard!  They were so much easier before she was able to move!


And finally, some early morning playtime one day before school.

IMG_1354    IMG_1369


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