Food Glorious Food

Em is a decent eater – when she wants to eat.  If she is not in the mood to eat, forget it!  Except for yogurt puffs and gerber veggie sticks which she will eat morning, noon and night.  She could be completely full, about to burst, but put a veggie stick in front of her and she will find the room!  So now we are starting to move her to "people food".  Yes, we feel odd calling it people food because she has always been a person – just a person who happens to eat strained foods.  So now we are moving to foods that the rest of us might find appealing (well, sort of – have you tried the banana mango – OMG it is SO good!!  And while we are in a side bar, yes I have tried most of her foods, well, most of her fruits and they are really good!  The apricot mixed fruit, the banana mango and the apple blueberry are my personal favorites 🙂 ).  So here is a list of foods and her reactions to them:

  • French fries – ate 2 (but hey, what little kid is going to refuse french fries?)
  • banana – her favorite!  (as in real people banana) but she would not go near real people mango or kiwi, both of which she loves gerber-style.
  • Avocado – only if I put it in her mouth for her – it is a bit too slimy fr her to pick up herself
  • Corn – SO MUCH FUN and she loves corn but most of it (99.99%) ends up on the floor.  Corn is hard to pick up and keep in your hand!
  • pancakes – forget about it, not an option, never going to happen, move on.
  • waffles – a possibility.  Last night she had a few bites on her own.  Waffles may move from the pancake category to the acceptable category.
  • cheese – not so much…  I tried Heather’s trick of putting tiny pieces of cheese into the middle of puffs (the kid with holes) and those are the only puffs to ever get rejected!
  • ice cream – nope 😦  we’ll try again later
  • yogurt (baby style) – HUGE success!
  • chicken nuggets – this is an interesting one.  She gummed it for a while but never really got that it was food…
  • pieces of chicken from a salad I was eating – hit and miss, there was too much going on that was fun to look at but i like to think she got a few pieces in.
  • eggs – YUM  Yes, I know she is supposed to hodl off on eggs until she is a year old but I gave her some of my scrambled eggs and she loves them. 
  • some bread – yeah, she wasn’t really sure what to make of that

What other "people" food do you feed your kids?  Or do you recommend?  She loves finger foods so much so I would like to expand her repertoire…  Tonight she’ll be trying chicken again when we go out to dinner with friends.  Oh and any suggestions for trying new foods?  For waffles, it took about 2 weeks of giving it to her before she took her first bite.

Why do I ask?  Well, D and I have been eating really well lately and I am dynig to share some of my best dishes with Em.  Like my amzing onion chicken (easily the best on the planet!!).  And I just perfected my bison meatloaf.  This is incredible enough that when I make it, I just cut it in half and D and I each eat half.  But sadly, we eat dinner after she goes to bed for the night, so sharing is not an option yet…  I wonder how cold bison meatloaf is?  Hmmm….


7 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food

  1. Apples were a huge hit early on for Sarah. Just make sure the skins are gone since those tend to get caught in the throat. We also had great success with peas — grabbable and sweet enough to be interesting.
    Sarah didn’t get into pancakes and waffles until much later (although I don’t think we tried any earlier) but can’t get enough of them now.

  2. yeah so far peas are not an option – she won’t go near them in any form! But apples are an interesting idea -thanks!
    We also tried watermelon this morning – no dice yet, but she enjoyed feeding it to me 🙂

  3. my kids love rice. they can grab a fistfull and shove it at their face and at least a few grains get in the mouth. noodles of any kind, my kids weren’t picky at all though. They all eat broccoli and asparagus and all that good stuff.

  4. um, no to ice cream, huh? I don’t think she gets that from our side of the family 🙂
    What about other fruit, like pears or peaches? Very ripe so they’re soft and sweet, and peeled of course.
    Instead of green peas, you could try chick peas.
    What kind of cheese have you tried? Maybe she’d like a different kind. You could see if she likes something a little stronger, like cheddar or mild like muenster.
    By the way, I love a cold meatloaf sandwich, myself. I’ve never made meatloaf with bison. I’ll have to try it.

  5. She loves Meatballs, chicken stew, Eggo Waffles, Grilled Cheese, Mac and Cheese, Omelettes, Yo Baby Yogurt, Applesauce, Raspberries…she pretty much eats POrker – Melissa = )

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