one busy weekend!

Em had a blast this weekend!  We went out to a local mall to see one of her friends in a crawling race and then up to a fabulous food court play area that Em just loved.

But I think the highlight of the weekend was the game Em invented.  She sat on D’s lap, facing him, in the big chair.  She would put her head on his chest and pretend to sleep – eyes closed and everything.  Then, seconds later, she would pop up, look at him,  laugh so hard and then put her head down again.  This went one for a while and resulted in a fabulous picture for my desk 🙂  Sadly for you, the pictures are still on the camera which is in the living room and I am not there.  But trust me, they  are fun shots!

Although I try to keep this blog positive, I do have to share some potentially sad news.  This weekend, I offered Em some of my ice cream and she was not interested.  GASP!  I know!  Cross you fingers for future successes!  I mean, we are talking ice cream here!  She did eat a Ritz cracker though and started on cheerios.

First up is Em in her big girl car seat.  It is not a great picture of the seat itself but does show how very pink it is.  She loves it!  it has to be so much more comfortable than that infant bucket.


One morning this week Em slept until about 7:45, so rather than rush her to school, we had some morning play time which, of course, I had to photograph.  Mostly because she is just so cute but also because I adore that outfit!

IMG_1198   IMG_1199   IMG_1200    IMG_1201   IMG_1206    IMG_1214

She had so much fun! Thanks cousin Danielle for the toy, Em loves it!

But then, that day at school, Em took a header and cut her forehead.  What did she learn that day?  Yes, it is fun to climb up on things and try to pull herself up and yes she does it all the time at home, but it is not necessarily a good idea to try to walk, not just yet…


It started just a faint pink line but it is now a scab, poor thing. But then again, it does make her look a bit like Harry Potter…

Next up, the mall play space.  It is hard to tell, but she is climbing on a ginormous Tweety bird with a strawberry behind him and a Ritz cracker in front of him.

IMG_1244    IMG_1246    IMG_1247

How cute is Em sitting in a flower petal?

IMG_1250    IMG_1256

Then, Em put her crawling skills to work and crawled over to her toy basket, which she proceeded to empty.

IMG_1260    IMG_1261


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