Be careful what you wish for!

Because sometimes you want things to happen and then, gulp! They do.
I give you exhibit A.

This video is full of everything Emily – the clapping, the dancing, the (gulp) crawling…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, at 10.5 weeks, Em decided that she had enough of immobility and started crawling.   And I do mean crawling!  We got home from school yesterday and I put her down to play while I did some stuff and off she went!  YAY!  That is the coolest thing ever!  I have a mobile baby!  Clearly she is the smartest baby ever, because she, all by herself, learned how to crawl.  No child in the history of the world has even been this smart… oh wait.   That palm tree in the giant pot on the floor in front of the bookshelf looks mighty tasty.  And the books on that bookshelf look like SO much fun to play with.  And WOW, mommy’s stitching box has fabric in it!

Ok, deep breath.  Clearly the smartest baby on the planet has outwitted us (once again).

So today’s game plan – babyproofing in such a way as to still have some grown up sense of the place while keeping my books and stitching stuff safe.  But I do want to point out that the book she keeps pulling off the bookshelf is one in which I have 4 articles.  Can you blame the  kid for wanting to read my work?  Maybe it is time to move my work to a higher shelf and put her books on the lower shelf…


3 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for!

  1. Yay for Emmy! She looks very happy and pleased with herself! She also looks like she might be trying to pull herself up on that toy– has she tried that yet? Nowhere within arm’s reach is safe from Robbie now– which is bad since I have piles of paper everywhere and Max leaves his toys out!
    Enjoy the world of mobility! Nothing will be the same!

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