When Monkey Dress Like Monkeys

The day after Thanksgiving, mom, Emily, D and I (yeah, D came, I am not 100% sure why, but he did and does every year and SWEARS he wants to, so let it go), hit the malls.  Emily needed footed pajamas in a bigger size so she and D went off to play by a fountain and mom and I braved the crowds.  The result is this:

IMG_1172    IMG_1178

Yeah, my monkey looks awesome dressed in monkey pajamas!  Please notice that she is in a monkey pose in that first shot – all she needs is a banana.  Next time.

I also have to share these pictures.  Last weekend Em had a play date with E (translation, D and I got to parent 2 kiddos at once while E’s parents saw Avatar – more on that in a bit).  Em had a blast with E and really it is the first time I saw her play with another baby, as opposed to just parallel play.  I didn’t upload the picture of her trying to take E’s overalls off – oy!

IMG_1161    IMG_1165    IMG_1168

So, let’s talk about having 2 kids.  I know that theoretically it HAS to be harder than having one, but not for D and I – AKA Super Parents!  (insert cool theme music here!)  The secret to our success really lies in the specific kids.  I doubt this could be recreated with any two children in the world, so really, don’t bother trying.  Nearly every time Em and E play together (or try to play together), one sleeps while the other is awake.  Then the first wakes up as the second is going down for a nap.  So what did we do?  E showed up while Em was napping.  We played with him, and then fed him lunch and then Em woke up.  They played (see pictures above) and then he went down for a nap.  He was well into hour 2 I think when his parents arrived.  Oh yeah, Mary Poppins calls D and I for advice , we clearly rock!


(this picture was taken while boy E napped, see – one awake, one asleep)

What else?  Em got her big girl car seat installed and LOVES it!  Who doesn’t love it?  Anyone sitting in the front passengar seat in our car.  Yeah, oops, never calculated in the amount of room it takes up!  But she loves it and it is beyond safe, and best of all (well, second best to the safety), it is PINK.  No, not pink, PINK.  All sorts of bright, glaring, girly, PINK.  We are talking the sort of color that results from Strawberry Shortcake meeting My Little Pony, with a touch of Rainbow Bright and I love it.  I will post a picture eventually, the ones we took this weekend are not worth sharing.

In other news, Em seems to be feeling much better.  She had a lot of rough nights with a yucky cold/cough/mild fever/clingy sick kind of thing.  We are now running the humidifier non stop, both in her room and in the living room, she spent one night sitting in a steamy bathroom, and 2 nights she has refused to sleep, wanting only to cuddle and nurse.  Sadly, D is not great when it comes to nursing, so i have had some tired days, but she seems to be feeling a lot better.  Whew!  But her fever keeps creeping up at night – 101.7, 102.3, even 103!  ARG!  It is driving me crazy because she is 100% fine during the day – happy and playing and having a blast.  But then comes the night…  So, Sunday we took her to the doctor to have her lungs and ears check out, just to be on the safe side and both got 2 thumbs up.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this doctor!  So much that we might even switch (he is it the same practice as her pediatrician).  He was so gentle and sweet with her, and Em of course was loving every minute of the doctor visit.  I mean come on, they let you sit on a big table with a huge roll of paper that is so much fun to play with!  What is not to love?  He thinks she has a minor upper respiratory virus and also might have a minor case of croup.  Want to know why I love him so much?   Any other doctor might have whipped out the prescription pad!  But this guy prescribed breathing cold air at night to reduce the swelling in her throat.  He told us what to listen for in her breathing/coughing to call it croup and said if it happens, bundle her up and get her outside.  Of course, last night when she got up, she wasn’t making any of those sounds, she was just phlegmy, coughing and clingy, so we stayed inside.  But then this morning her temp was 98.6! Stay tuned, I have a funny feeling it will go up again tonight.

But just like every morning of this infection/croup attack, Em was so happy this morning!  So before school this morning we had story time.  On the advice of my cousin N, and thanks to a generous gift from  and her boys, Em has been reading the Boynton books.  This one we just read for the first time this morning and Em loved it.  Now normally, I would not bother to add a section to her blog about reading a book, but this was cool!  This is the first time she and I have had story time and she didn’t try to eat the book or randomly close it/turn pages.  Instead, she look at each page and laughed hard at a few of them (which of course we read over and over, I love that sound : ) ).

She has a stuffed dinosaur, and loves this book…  Hmmmm, future paleontologist?



3 thoughts on “When Monkey Dress Like Monkeys

  1. I’m sorry the monkey’s not been feeling well at night. Just remember that this is her particular “rhythm” when she’s ill — better during the day, with symptoms spiking at night. It’s likely she’ll be like that for the rest of her childhood and right through adolescence too.
    Not that it does much for your prospects of getting any sleep at night, but at least you’ll know what to expect. 🙂

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