Emily at 10 months (43 weeks)

So I have posted about Emily’s take on crawling – it is something that she might consider one day but for now, if she can’t reach it, she doesn’t need it.  Case closed.

But this past week, the case was reopened!  NO, Emily is not crawling yet, but she is starting to think about it more.

IMG_1027    IMG_1028    IMG_1031    IMG_1043

But that darn foot is always stuck underneath her!  She how it is facing forward in each picture? Poor kiddo.

** Update from this morning (because I started writing this entry a few days ago!) **
Em got that foot out behind her!  But then she just moved back into a sitting position again.  No crawling, but progress 🙂

But it is ok, really. She may not be able to crawl but she can destroy a skein of yarn in no time flat! Fair warning to all knitters (sorry  !) – your yarn is not safe when Em is around!

IMG_1048    IMG_1057

Next up, shots of innocent cuteness. In that second shot Em is determined to get that train, but that foot is still out front, so she simply surrenders and drinks some water.

IMG_1084    IMG_1092    IMG_1109

New Years Eve Day Em played in the snow for the first time! She seemed to like it, but it is kind of hard to tell in that snowsuit – she cannot move at all in it really. But it is super cozy and warm! Plus that hat is so warm – Em must have thought she was in a Caribbean snow storm or something.  She had fun though.  Every time a snowflake landed on her face she would laugh.  And we had fun batting at the snow on tree branches together.

IMG_1136    IMG_1137    IMG_1138    IMG_1139


2 thoughts on “Emily at 10 months (43 weeks)

  1. Awwww! Awesome shots! I love the ones in the snow! We didn’t manage to get any good ones– just one shot as “proof” he was outside. I think Robbie has that same train–does it have little beads inside that shake like a rattle? It helped keep him occupied on the trip back from Maine!
    I need to do a developmental update on Robbie soon– he’s definitely a mobile guy! I think he’ll be walking before too awfully long! Gah!

  2. Yay, she got the foot to move out from under her! She’s one step closer to mobility! 🙂 And the sacrifice of the skein of yarn was well worth it to see her have so much fun with it. I’ll still be able to knit it up 🙂

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