Happy Belated Hanukkah!

Happy First Hanukkah Emily!

Emily had a wonderful first Hanukkah.  She loved lighting candles and what could be better than playing with wrapping paper?  She is still loving her little easy chair (and especially the box it came in).  She got a wonderful toy from Uncle Mike and Aunt Heidi – a pink and purple seahorse with a musical glowing tummy.  She adores it!  And better than the seahorse was their visit – what fun!   Em also celebrated Hanukkah with a quick visit from Aunt Lisa and Lisa, she love the pig too!  One thing is clear – this kid loves animals.  Other treats lately included visiting a big dog – because while she loves animals,there is nothing better than a big dog!  We also got to see 3 different Christmas trees and she loved those too.  You can just imagine her excitement when I took her with me to a chiropractor appointment – he has a Christmas tree and a big dog!  What could be better?  I don’t think there are any animals that she doesn’t like, but wow, dogs are a huge hit!  The fact that bigger is better when it comes to animals fascinates me.  She is intrigued by cats, so naturally I am dying to introduce her to a lion. Hey, bigger is better right?  Until it eats her that is 🙂

For me, the end of the semester madness was particularly intense, but things are calmer now, so I promise more frequent updates.  I have finally found a setting on the new camera that I love, so expect me to abuse that often 🙂  Em has a school vacation coming up and it is full of exciting plans – trips to northern CT, a visit from Aunt Elyssa (YAY, I know what she got Em for Hanukkah and Em is going to be SO SO SO excited!!), a trip to the aquarium, and more.  She is going to have a blast and I will of course document every second.


Em loved Hanukkah because it involved wrapping paper but once she discovered envelopes, the wrapping paper was abandoned completely.  For her first Hanukkah Emmy got me a book about Mommy hugs and she got her daddy a Yankee alphabet book.  Both were wrapped, knowing how much she likes wrapping paper, but we hadn’t counted on her love of envelopes.  The envelope in the picture here was good for about 30 minutes of playtime.  But then it got better!!  it turns out there was a card inside!  And cards are even more fun!  You know, between the empty boxes, the wrapping paper and the envelopes, this was one great holiday.

The next day, with no more envelopes to play with, Em made do with a wooden spoon (first picture), socks (second picture) and her blocks.  In that fourth picture, you can just barely see her two little bottom teeth!  Oh and speaking of teeth, she bit me!  It only happened twice (in rapid succession) and I think I have nipped it in the bud (oh gee, seriously, no pun intended it just happened).  Fingers crossed that the biting is over.  I did NOT enjoy it one bit!

IMG_0793    IMG_0902    IMG_0947    IMG_0952  IMG_0964    IMG_0969    IMG_0978    IMG_0986

Most of these were taken during the great “blizzard” of ’09, which started about 12 hours after it was predicted to start and didn’t amount to much at all – at least not up here.  But I did bring some snow from the balcony into the living room for Em to play with and she loved it!  Sadly, Sunday ( the day after the snow) we were too busy to take her out to play in the snow.  But she did have the perfect snow day outfit!  My mom got her this adorable snowy outfit.  It is size 12 months and enormous of her, but so cozy and just fit the weather.

Em also has two new “tricks”.  I hate calling them tricks, like she is a trained seal, but I am not sure what to call them.  Anyway, we play Peek a Boo a lot.  Em loves it and laughs to hard every time.  The other day she was playing on the bed while I folded laundry and she took her little sleep sack and started to play with it.  She put it on her head, behind her head, etc.  Then she covered her head with it and pulled it off.  So naturally I said “Peek a Boo” which was the funniest thing she had ever heard.  We did that for a while, that was a great game.  Now, she plays Peek a Boo a lot.  She covers her head, usually with a dishtowel or burp rag, pulls it off and says “Ah Boo!”.  It is too cute!

But D’s favorite new game is even better!  She is his football and he will call “FUMBLE” and tackle her.  That have been playing this for a while now.  So last weekend, he had her sitting on the bed and called out Fumble! and Em threw herself backwards!


3 thoughts on “Happy Belated Hanukkah!

  1. Happy Hanukkah to all of you! I remember how fun our first Christmas’s were but then the babies got overwhelmed after a gift or two! I bet that having 8 nights to do it was much more fun! I just can’t get over how beautiful Emily is. I’m so glad you guys enjoyed your first major holiday together!!

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