Emily’s first Thanksgiving and other milestones

Wednesday the 25th Emily turned 39 weeks old!
Wednesday the 25th Emily turned 9 months old!!
And as of Sunday the 29th Emily has lived outside of me longer than she lived inside (39 weeks, 3 days).
Now that is impressive!

But since it was just Thanksgiving, I thought I would take time now to reflect on the past 9 months/39 weeks.

I am so so Thankful for so much this year.

For my amazing husband who is the best father to our daughter and best soul mate to me, Honey, we love you so much!!

For my daughter’s belly laugh when I beep at her, tickle her just right, or eat her feet. How did she learn to laugh anyway? She has the best laugh I have ever heard and I could listen to it all day. They say that a baby’s laugh creates a fairy. Emily, I know that the fairies that come from your laugh will be with you always!

For the way she stops nursing to smile at me, like she is just so happy and nothing could make this moment any better.

For the way she stops nursing to sigh, cuddle deep into my arms and fall asleep. I absolutely LOVE when Emily falls asleep in my arms. I could sit and rock her and hold her while she sleeps for hours! I also love to watch her sleep – maybe because she did it so rarely as a newborn?

For how excited she gets when I walk into a room. It doesn’t matter if I have been gone all day or 10 minutes, or even just a second. When she sees me come back into a room she gets So excited! Too freaken cool!

For her patience as I learn this whole mommy thing!

And for this. Need I say more? For this beautiful, amazing, happy, HEALTHY, funny funny kid! For the ability to teach her things and learn from her. For the ability to create her! To feel her grow inside me and watch her gown outside me. For little irl hugs – the hugs are the best part! To play with her, to read to her, to show her things I love and to watch her enjoy them too. To see her find her own likes (swings, water, and now dogs) and dislikes (peas). She is learning about opening and closing things, knocking things down, and is an expert sock remover. She now loves to untie shoelaces (be warned, check yours before you get up, Emily’s goal in life is to make someone trip!).

For the way I get to actually watch her learn and explore. D and I especially love watching her explore the wonderful world of shadows. I mean, honestly, how on earth can a child understand the concept of a shadow? But she loves to play with them! As I write this, she is opening and closing a little door on her activity table thing. Every time it opens or closes, it makes a safari sound and she looks at me and laughs. How can you not be thankful for that?

Emily, I am so thankful to me your mommy and for that time we have shared together and so thankful to be able to look forward to the future with you!
Happy 9 months, Happy 39 weeks, and Happy living outside longer than you lived inside baby girl!


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