37 weeks and 1 day…

and nope, no crawling, no teeth (we caught a glimpse of white lines, but her gums swelled over them again…)…

But I thought that since I posted Emily’s likes and dislikes I should also share my likes and dislikes.  Because when she woke up at 3:00 this morning, I was not thrilled.  But when she went back to sleep until 4:30 and then stayed up all morning (until I put her in the car to go to day care), I was even less thrilled!  So this post may not make a ton of sense.  Forgive me, I am working on very little sleep.

So, dislike #1 – the lack of sleep.  But here is the thing, it is my own fault and I know that.  I am fully aware and accept total responsibility.  I chose to breastfeed, and there is a part of me that does not HATE those rare middle of the night nursing sessions.  They are so sweet and peaceful and I love how she cuddles into my arms and let’s me comfort her.  Plus,  I know they are tied to teething and she generally has been sleeping through the night for months, so I don’t want to complain too much, but I am SO tired today!  I guess that is the problem with dislikes – there is always a like tucked inside them…  And I LOVE nursing (see below)!  Yes, I am the Queen of Clogs and the Duchess of Mastitis, but I have been clog free for a while now and have not had mastitis for a very long time!  I don’t love pumping, but I love that she gets breast milk at day care.

Dislike (or it is really complaint?) #2 – clingyness/stranger danger.  I am not sure if this is a dislike because really, it isn’t that bad.  But Emily is in the stranger danger phase a bit, and combined with the teething clingyness, she won’t always go to other people.  But really, I think the dislike is more in the reaction other people have to this than it is to her clingyness.  Because some people seem very offended and upset when I take her back.  Id on;t think any of them read this blog (whew!) but if so, consider this your apology – but really, if my daughter is upset with you, let her get to know you from her safe place instead of trying to force her to forget about me and suddenly love being with you.  It isn;t that she doesn’t like you, she just needs to ease in slowly.

Likes (in no particular order), or rather, LOVES.

I just love watching Em sleep!  I don’t know exactly what it is about her sleeps that captivates me so much, but I could watch her sleep for hours (if I had the time 🙂 ).  I especially get a kick out of her new position.  One of my best sleeping positions is on my stomach, with my left arm under me.  Em now sleeps on her stomach with her right arm under her.  Now matter how i put her down, even in her sleep, she will shift until her right arm is under her.

I love nursing (more on that in a previous post on nursing).  I even love when she nurse/naps or falls asleep nursing.  It just feels like such a special time that only she and I can share and I love it!  I don’t love the fact that our society is not really set up for nursing moms.  Society almost forces women to nurse, but they are supposed to nurse at home.  More than once I have had to ask a waitress to put a chair in the bathroom so I could nurse.  But then again, it is fabulous that I can nurse anywhere, anytime.  I love the way nursing calms her immediately, helps her relax, helps her when she is feeling overwhelmed or just needs to decompress.

I love watching Em figure things out (or try to).  When she takes a block and turns it this way and that, examining it on all sides before eating it and inevitably throwing it.  I love watching her learn new things.  You can almost see her brain at work in the way she figures things out and it is so cool.

I love her laugh.  No, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her laugh.  She is ticklish (for some people, but oddly, not for others????), and when I tickle her in just the right spot, or eat her foot exactly right, she will laugh and laugh!

I am sure there is so much more and I am probably leaving out a few of my favorite things (insert music here), but we got up at 4:30 this morning, so you can’t expect genius!

And since you haven’t gotten your fix of pictures for a few weeks, here are some to tide you over:

We met up with 4 of Em’s friends at Emir’s house (note that she is wearing his shirt in this picture) for football one Sunday. As usual, Em loved playing with her friends. D and I were totally wigged our by Aidan crawling like a champ and pulling himself up! We are not ready for that yet!
PB010023Ah, the picture of innocence. We have been putting Em in dresses a lot more lately and she seems to really like them. And she is too cute in tights!
PB030022    PB030028    PB030056Last weekend was so nice that we met up with Emir again for a park playdate (this time Em stayed in her clothes). Clearly, there is nothing better than swings on a nice day!
PB080060    PB080073

Followed by lots of playtime at home of course, where Em tried to answer the age old question – which is more fun, a doll, or a sock?  That is a serious question that requires a lot of research, but never fear, Em is on the case!
PB080127    PB080130


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