36 weeks today

… and I thought we would honor her 36 week birthday with a list of likes and dislikes.  These are in no particular order, just as they came into my head.


  • Emily LOVES standing up!  Seriously, she preens like a peacock and looks around and is just SO SO SO proud of herself!
  • Prunes.  yes, we have had to resort to the good old constipation standby.  I swear she constipates herself on purpose just to get the prunes.
  • Monkeys.  Most of her monkey collection sits on the shelf over the changing table.  After diaper changes, I pick her up and she can see the shelf.  As soon as she sees the monkeys she squeals and is so excited!
  • Sippy cups of water at playtime.  She will use her sippy cup at meal time but the coolest thing ever is to get a sippy cup at play time.  But it can be filled with water only.  Don’t even try to sneak in some pear juice (diluted with water) because she will figure it out.  Sippy cups are for water!
  • Daddy’s shoes.  Or rather, his shoelaces.  Em learned how to untie his shoelaces this weekend and got a huge kick out of it.
  • Speaking of shoes, add eating hers to the list.  Taking socks off is also a big hit.
  • Voting.  Yesterday morning I found out at Em loves meeting political candidates and voting – who knew?
  • The remote control.  But she has yet to actually make contact with it.
  • Thumbs and fingers.  They are great for sucking.  She rates people based on how good their thumbs and fingers taste and fit in her mouth.  If this kid ever does pop out some teeth, I predict a lot of bloody fingers!
  • Nursing.  Yay!  This is my favorite too.  Emily loves nursing!  When she is upset or stressed or overwhelmed, it calms her down immediately and I love that!  I get a huge kick out of her habit of nursing and sucking her thumb at the same time.
  • Mango mango mango – the kid cannot get enough mango!
  • Eating her feet.  Especially during diaper changes. 
  • Robot noises.  Seriously, she cracks up hysterically over boops and beeps!


  • Peas.  Emily will not eat them straight on a bet!  She does eat them mixed with other foods – carrots, peaches and mangos have all been successes.  (not all at once!)  But if she figures out that I have disguised the peas with something else, she won’t eat them.
  • The concept of crawling.  She will do tummy time and have a blast, but she refuses to move into crawling.  And if you put her on all 4s she melts down completely.
  • Sitting through an entire storybook. Why bother reading each page when the best part is obviously eating the book!  I try and I try to read an entire book, but she will pull it away and start eating the cover by the 3rd page.  Needless to say, we are sticking to board books 🙂  I have most of the books I read as a baby/kid and do not want them eaten!
  • Daylight savings time.  Em used to see her daddy at night!  She used to go to bed around 7:30 and sleep until about 5:30.  No matter when she went to bed she’d be up at 5:30.  She has recently decided that she needs to sleep around 6:30 (and generally goes until 5am ish, last night was a different story).  I have tried keeping her up later, but she won’t have it.

Tune in next time when I post Emmy’s Halloween pictures!  We had a little party for 10 of her friends and their parents and it was so much fun!


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